2*16LCD initialise sub-procedure


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hi, I am trying to use a picaxe28X1 to control a 2x16 LCD display directly. When I complie the sample codes(init,wrchr,wrins) from manual3 it pops up an error said "unknown symbol: dirs" which is from the line "let dirs = 252 ‘ Set pins 2-7 as output lines (Stamp only)." I m using exactly same connections as the manual.
can anyone explain to me what is dirs? how can I modify to suit my situation?


have you checked that the editor is in the 28X1 mode? to do this, open up the editor and go to View -> options, select 28X1, then click on ok.
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It is written else where to comment out this line for Picaxe use, can’t find it though. Just place a ‘ before the line and you should be good to go.