14M2 Trade Show Prop


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For the first time, I can call a project "finished"! This was a prop for New York Toy Fair Feb 16-19 2019. It was a freelance job to create a sort of slot-machine game to promote a small new plush toy line called "Foodie Roos". The spinning eyes had to index, so I used some new servos from Parallax which output a PWM signal to indicate position. I just smoothed the PWM signals with capacitors and used 3 ADCs on a 14M2 to read the positions and control the servos. Motion control, hence I'm posting here in robotics. There was a randomizer, based on how long the pushbutton was pressed, plus a hidden switch controlled by the operators which could guarantee a win for VIPs or media opportunities. 14M2 made it easy peezy.