14M DOA with 5.1.1


I just received my 14Ms in the mail yesterday. (In the US)
I updated the programming editor to 5.0.8 then to 5.1.1.
I built the standard interfacing circuit and tested it with an 08M. Pulled the 08M out and put a 014M in. Changed the device mode to 14M.
Test the firmware and get:
firmware version 9.A
PICAXE 14M-firmware version A
Try to clear hardware memory:
Error incorrect hardware:
Software is currently in the mode for: PICAXE 14M-4Mhz
Hardware connected to the computer is: PICAXE 14M

Try to program the chip:
Error 53: File not Found
The following path is invalid:
A search of my harddrive reveals that this file does not exist.
I uninstall the programming editor completely, reboot and reinstall each of the files testing as I go. Under 5.0.7 I can successfully clear and program the 14M as an 08M. (Though the firmware reports that it is an 08M)
Under 5.0.8 I can successfully clear and program the 14M as an 08M. (Now the firmware is reporting that it is a 14M) When I install the final patch to 5.1.1 I am back to getting the same errors detailed earlier.
I get this behavior going directly through the serial port and through a USB -> serial adaptor.

I will check back regularly if you need additional clarification.


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You must use 5.1.1 beta version for 14M work. Earlier versions will not work - programming as an 08M will not create a legal program.

So re-install the patch. Then

Under View>Options>Editor select the 'enhanced compiler'. It looks like you are trying to use the 'original' 14m compiler, which has not been installed under your patching. This will allow you to program the 14M chip. We will look into separate clear hardware error message bug.

We always recommend that people use the enhanced compiler now anyway, as it provides the on-screen simulation mode.

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The enhanced compiler fixed the problem. I can now program the 14M. Several programs compiled and ran without any problems.
I am still getting the Clear Memory Bug described earlier.

THANKS technical!