08M2 and h-bridge SN754410


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I am trying to connect a 08m2 to a H-bridge to drive a single motor and change direction. I have previously used a h-bridge made from discrete components, but now want to use the ic. Can anyone help with sketches or the like? Would I need to go up to a 14m2?


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From memory, the SN754410 is not recommended for use with PICs, including the PICAXE. I have successfully used L293 and L298 H-bridges with PICAXEs.


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For a small device like 08M2, consider also I2c motor drivers. Blockly programming with high (L298) and low power (Ti DRV8830) Grove motor drivers is quite easy. For the last one, the default maximum drive current of each channel is quite low :( (200mA), so two very low value SMD resistors have to be soldered.
Few chips have the I2C capability like the DRV8830 (1A max). For more power and a bigger Picaxe chip (X serie) with SPI capability, check ST L9958.


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The thread I linked to is about a MX1508 dual H-bridge: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133067654304 . 74 cents for TWO prebuilt 1.5A motor controllers kinda ruins everything else for me. Offers brake and coast functions.

Although I wouldn't count on 1.5A in a mission critical situation. :)
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The OP resides in New Zealand.
The two Ebay links Erco has given through Posts 2 and 6 indicate that they ship to Australia but then Exclude Australia. NZ does not even rate a mention on the list of potential countries. o_O

While the MX1508 datasheet seems hard to find in English (Chinese text and diagrams here: http://sales.dzsc.com/486222.html )
this info in English:
MX1508 SOP-16 Four-Channel Dual Brushless DC Motor Driver IC
The product provides an integrated brushless DC motor drive solution for battery-powered toys, low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications
case. The circuit integrates two channels of N-channel and P-channel power MOSFET design of the H-bridge drive circuit, suitable for driving electric toy car steering
Wheel and rear drive, (drive brushless DC motor or drive two stepping motors). The circuit has a wide operating voltage range (from
2V to 9.6V), the maximum continuous output current of the steering wheel reaches 0.8A, and the maximum peak output current reaches 1.5A. Rear wheel drive maximum continuous output power
Flow reaches 1.5A, the maximum peak output current reaches 2A.
The drive circuit built-in thermal protection circuit. Through the drive circuit load current is much greater than the maximum circuit current, by the package cooling capacity
Limit, the internal chip chip temperature will rise rapidly, once more than the set value (typical 150 °C), the internal circuit will immediately turn off the output power
Rate, cut off the load current, to avoid the temperature continued to rise caused by plastic packaging smoke, fire and other security risks. Built-in temperature hysteresis circuit, indeed
After the circuit is restored to a safe temperature, the circuit is allowed to be re-controlled.
a. Low standby current (less than 0.1uA);
b. Low static operating current;
c. Integrated H bridge drive circuit;
d. Built-in anti-common conduction circuit;
e low conduction resistance of the power MOSFET;
F. Built-in overheat protection circuit (TSD) with hysteresis effect;
g. Antistatic rating: 3KV (HBM).
Typical applications
a. 2-6 AA / AAA battery powered motor drive;
b. 2-6 nickel-hydrogen / nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery-powered toy motor drive;
c. 1-2 lithium battery-powered motor drive



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Nice add, westy! That datasheet mostly makes sense, except the "brushless" nonsense. This item is for use with standard brushed (only) DC motors. And possibly some bipolar steppers.
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