08 operates in Proto Board only


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A programmed 08 inserted in a socket on stripboard cycles C.4 with pulses even without being programmed but works in a protoboard. Another protoboard used with capacitor on psu and 10k Resisters to inputs all inputs as inputs. 4 new processors used. 2 earlier projects work on PCB's


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From the information you have provided, it is difficult to determine exactly what is happening. If you have a PICAXE 08, it is a very old device indeed. The PICAXE 08 has PIC12F629 or just 12F629 marked on it and has been superseded twice since (about) 2005.

Do you have the mandatory download circuit resistors permanently connected to your PICAXE? Ie 10k and a 22k resistors as described in Manual 1, "PICAXE-08M2/08M/08 Pinout and Circuit"?