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    18M2 Reset pin or no ?

    The base PIC for the 18M2 has 3 functions for leg 4: Reset, Vpp (for programming the Flash) and digital input. Rev-Ed have chosen to configure the PICAXE firmware to use the pin as a digital input. Best use in a PICAXE, in my opinion. The configuration of this pin in a PICAXE cannot be changed.
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    A carefully placed PICAXE chip at exactly the touchdown point? Otherwise, you haven't given us much time to develop and test a detector :(.
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    Multiple masters I2C

    PICAXEs do not really lend themselves to sharing i2c slaves with other masters. You could add an arbitration wire with a pullup resistor between the two masters so that each can test whether the other has control of the slave. Since the Raspberry Pi is much more sophisticated than the PICAXE...
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    serin serout and words

    There are many ways to structure the code in a microcontroller. Some allow fast execution, some use up all the available resources and some appear to need more. The task is always to manage the resources available, which you have achieved. Well done! It's never quite as simple as that. To...
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    08 operates in Proto Board only

    Welcome to the PICAXE Forum. From the information you have provided, it is difficult to determine exactly what is happening. If you have a PICAXE 08, it is a very old device indeed. The PICAXE 08 has PIC12F629 or just 12F629 marked on it and has been superseded twice since (about) 2005. Do...
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    SPI ILI9341 LCD Display

    The ILI9341 is a great little colour display with touch input capability. Unfortunately, with so many pixels and the PICAXE's limited RAM, it's not really suitable for a PICAXE to drive. The slower processing capability of the PICAXE's tokenised code means that updating the screen will be very...
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    serin serout and words

    I have had applications that have required far more variables than the named bxx and wxx ones. Good structuring of your code is essential: use subroutines to separate out repeated blocks of code and functional blocks of code. This will then allow you to identify registers that are used...
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    Background Infrared Receiver for 32-bit Codes

    Correct. Only the X2 PICAXEs are capable of using this method of IR signal reception. As an aside, I have been tempted to use a dedicated PIC12F1840 (the silicon that the 08M2 uses) as a programmable IR interface. However, I have too many other projects that seem to have a higher priority!
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    Big number arithmetic problem

    Several years ago one of the forum's gurus, Jeremy Leach, did some serious code development on 32 maths. The code and discussion can be found here.
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    The scenario for damaging a chip with a laptop being powered by an unearthed switchmode power supply goes something like this: The PICAXE or potentially any microcontroller chip is being powered by a quality power supply, with the 0v line properly earthed. The laptop is powered by an unearthed...
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    Tripling A Picaxe Code

    13, 10 are the ASCII codes first used to operate teleprinters. 13 is Carriage Return (now interpreted as "change output point/cursor to the beginning of the current line") and 10 is Line Feed (now "move cursor/output point to the next line"). When coding for PICAXEs, you can use CR and LF...
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    Need one more Output

    I'm glad you've kept your sense of humour through this saga. It has been an interesting exercise for many of us. I'm sure you've learnt a bit too. Enjoy your 18M2s when your investment arrives.
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    Need one more Output

    Unless you are desperately short of cash, my suggestion is to invest in an 18M2 or two. They are a vastly superior chip with much more capability. Who knows what you might want to do with the new capability! Getting back to the 18A, you have 9 outputs. The use of SerOut is obviously...
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    Sounds like you're on top of the diagnostics. We have to account for all levels of diagnostic skill in forum members. If you can take the SerIn pin high and get no response from the SerOut pin then the chip(s) is/are dead. If this has happened more than once, then I would be concerned that...
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    Sorry to be so pedantic. I understand your frustration but does the download cable work? Ie in loopback using a serial terminal like the PE terminal to send and receive. Many a forum member has been diagnosed as insane, only to find a broken wire in the download plug.
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    The 4Hz is a mis-type that appears to gone uncorrected for several years. It should read "4MHz". A "hard reset" reload is where you turn the power to your PICAXE board OFF and then start the download by pressing the "Download" button in the PE. The PE then starts searching for the PICAXE...
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    Loosing PicAxe chips

    No one has mentioned the #freq directive. It is possible that the 18A is not responding to the download due the its clock running at a different frequency to that expected. Refer to PICAXE Manual #1, "Getting Started", Appendix B
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    Solenoid Pulse Driver - 08M2

    An interesting project Mike. Perhaps you could post this in the completed projects section.
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    The stereo socket was designed to be soldered onto a printed circuit board. Not intended to be plugged into a bread board. If you want to use a stereo socket on a bread board, you need to modify it. The photo shows what I did for breadboard use.
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    serin serout and words

    Asynch serial data transmission is typically an 8-bit protocol: hence sending bytes is by far the most commonly supported way of transporting data using this medium. Once a byte is transmitted on a wire it is just a byte on a wire(!) and the receiving end must know what speed the data is being...