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    If you want easy....

    This looks like the future to me, no software, no special cables, just dump the raw (Python) code to the chip via USB and you are away! What are the chances of Picaxe going USB?
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    Bin to Hex conversion

    I'm using a tiny 4D Systems OLED screen and I want a drawn box to change size in proportional to a variable. To draw a box you define it as ($box, $top left X, $top left Y, $bottom right X, $bottom right Y, $colour) all as HEX constants and then send it to the screen via SEROUT. So how do I...
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    New AXE200 damaged?

    I just received my AXE200-5v (the old ones going cheap). Straight out of the box it had white powdery deposits over most of the solder joints brown/grey lump of stuff on one of the vias green (verdigris?) on a via and a resistor solder joint generally looks like quite poor quality soldering...
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    Compass to drive stepper motor

    I've got a CMPS03 magnetic compass unit working ok on I2C with a 7-segment display showing whole degrees. For the next step I would like to have a physical needle (driven by a stepper motor) as the output. Does the plan below sound like a good way to go: Take the compass output in X degrees...
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    I2C 4x7-segment display

    Has anybody got this I2c 7-segment display (Ebay item 260597609525) working with a Picaxe? I am very new to Picaxe, but got an I2c compass working in about 30 minutes. So far I've spent 4 hours with this 7-segment display and a 28x1 but it only shows its address (3). There is a data sheet for...
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    Illegal command line switch used

    First play with Logicator (V3 Build 3.3) and when I try to download my program to the 08M via AXE027, I get the following error: Error - Download Failed. Illegal command line switch used 'c:\users\[my name]'! I've checked the paths in Help>About; Does it matter that the temp...