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  1. Technoman

    DSMx drone driving

    Hi, It was given to me a drone (PNJ DR-KRAFT) without the remote controller. I intend to use it to film sport practice on programmed trajectories. As the DSMx protocol is being used, on which I should gather more informations, I wonder if it is possible : to handle the DSMx protocol using a...
  2. Technoman

    Motor block customization

    Hi, Our robots are using B.0/B.1 for the right motor and B.2/B.3 for the left one. In Blockly, the motor block with arrows can be configured for a specific robot in the pull-down menu but none of them is compatible. Still, we can use two set motor A/B blocks which are not as easy to handle for...
  3. Technoman

    Simulator issue

    Win 10 - PE6 Hi, 1) As I was testing a simple program (blockly) for a 20M2, as included, there was no sign of change on pins during simulation. If I'm setting up any pin before the loop then it works fine, but only for this pin. Why? 2) I needed to get it run also on a board fitted...
  4. Technoman

    Grove LCD series compatibility

    Hi, Intending to buy the new cheapest Grove LCD with no RGB backlight, the words "... almost identical..." in are raising the question of compatibility with Blockly. Did you give a try to this new product?
  5. Technoman

    Grove RTC to Grove LCD

    Hi, Here attached, a Blockly program to setup a Grove RTC (DS1307) then send year,date and time to a Grove LCD RGB. It does work but I had to use several basic blocks (RTC setup, BCD to ASCII conversion). I wonder if there is a more elegant way to make it. In the future, would it be possible...
  6. Technoman

    AXE300 doc

    Hi, We just got 14 AXE300 boards. We do believe in their great potential, educationally speaking, in interfacing with Grove modules. In a previous thread, hippy disclosed a partial circuit diagram of the AXE300...
  7. Technoman

    Li-Fi transceiver

    Hi, For a demonstration purpose, as Li-Fi communication is not yet very common, I intend to make a Li-Fi transceiver using a picaxe chip. As a base, I found this article : Does anyone experiment Li-Fi?
  8. Technoman

    Grove LCD RGB display problem

    Hi, While I was testing a Grove LCD RGB display using an AXE118 (20M2 V8.A) I came across an I2C problem. SDA (B.5) and SCL (B.7) are tied to +Vcc using 4.7K resistors. Blockly program : On the scope both lines remain to 1 ; there is no sign of I2C activity. When I set both lines to 0...
  9. Technoman

    AXE118 PCB components layout

    Hi, Intending to make some docs for my students illustrating components soldering then figuring out connexions for programming, I found some pictures on the web but I have been unable to find the AXE118 PCB components layout. Where could I find it?
  10. Technoman

    PE6 installation problem

    Hi, I have two computers on which I updated PE6 to the latest version : desktop computer - Win 10 : no problem portable computer - Win 7 pro - a security problem raised by the antivirus software (ZwWriteVirtualMemory) forced it to delete PE6 Both of them are protected by Trend...
  11. Technoman

    XML file opening

    Hi, PE6 - Win10 At school, I have frequently to tell students to launch PE6 then open their file (Blockly). They expect to get the software launched with a double click on the file name as with other software. Most of the time they are puzzled by the code displayed in Firefox (default...
  12. Technoman

    Input/output table printing

    Hi, Picaxe editor - - Blockly Last WE, we had to connect 15 labelled sensors and actuators to a board for a demonstration (old project). The computer being distant, the lack of input/output table printing capability and the length of the table needed several screen capture, then the...
  13. Technoman

    CRLF removed while pasting

    Hi, Picaxe editor - - Blockly I had two directives #NO_DATA and NO_TABLE within a Basic block to speed up the downloading. I copied this defined block and pasted it into an other program. Then the two directives were on the same line, like the CRLF has been removed. In that case the...
  14. Technoman

    Multiple names in input/output table

    Hi, We are using PE6 - Blockly programming. On the same output (B.6 - 20M2) of a board, a piezo buzzer and a LED are connected. Is there a way to have two differents names for the same output? E.g. LED_R and BUZZER To avoid student's confusion like emitting a sound on a LED (single...
  15. Technoman

    Fiabilité du code

    Bonjour, Un article fort intéressant sur le codage dont l'initiation commence à partir du cycle 3, voire même 2 (collège, primaire). Dans une vie antérieure, avant l'enseignement, je programmais des systèmes de...
  16. Technoman

    Programmation multitâche

    Bonjour, Jusqu'à présent, les élèves de notre collège, programmaient en monotâche. Nous disposons d'une carte "maison" équipée d'un 20M et de boîtiers Autoprog de la socièté A4, équipés de 28X1. Un collègue nous a vanté les facilités offertes par le multitâche. C'est aussi le cas d'un...
  17. Technoman

    Wax and push-buttons

    Hi, Not a Picaxe related issue. As I was visiting relatives, I came across a weird issue. They had some troubles with a 9 years old computer monitor. The same message was often popping up like if they were periodically pressing on one auto-adjust key on the monitor. It was also very difficult...
  18. Technoman


    Hi, I just install the latest version of PE6. Is it possible to have two differents versions ( & of PE6 in two different folders Opening a new Blockly I got a page "Atlassian Bit bucket" :confused: Is it an ad?
  19. Technoman

    External really random generator

    Hi, I'm looking for an external random generator based upon transistor's noise. I have seen some, but I need one only supplied by a 4.5V battery. It will be connected to a 20M input using ADC.
  20. Technoman

    Hiding blocks within procedures in Blockly

    Hi, Would it be possible to hide the content of procedures in Blockly? They still could be called.