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    RS485 with Picaxe?

    I am about to buy a Gecko GM215 stepper driver. One of its features is that you can control it by sending ASCII commands to its RS485 port. (115,200 baud default) To control this driver with a Picaxe, would I need an interface like a MAX485 or LTC485? Or isn't it even possible to do?
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    PE6 #include

    This used to work: #include "Initialization.basinc" Now I get a compile error: Syntax error on line 72 at position 1 Error: Can not open the input file If I put the full path in the filename it compiles ok, but this is a bit inconvenient for me. Anyone knows why it doesn't work without...
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    Location of My Documents

    To work at different locations on the same project I keep some files in Google Drive. Since my laptop is running XP and my home PC is on Win7 the exact name of the file locations are different. Therefor the workspace can't find all files and the #include directive doesn't work either: On XP...
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    Multiple slots

    Because I am lately programming in multiple slots I would really be pleased with the command 'RUN' available in the simulator. Although I suppose it is already in the pipeline I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention anyway. Furthermore, besides F5 to program, I would welcome (maybe Shift-F5) a...
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    URF reset

    I am looking for some help regarding URF/ERF. I would like to reset the URF (SRF) to its original state. First I bought a ERF and a SRF (cased URF). I installed the driver 'URF_CC1111_USB_Driver.inf' on my laptop (Windows XP pro) but I couldn't get the SRF to communicate to the ERF so I tried...
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    OLED 20x4 problem on 16mHz

    Can someone explain to me why this doesn't work correctly: pause 1000 #no_data #PICAXE 08M2 setfreq m16 Init: symbol LCD=C.1 serout LCD,N2400_16,(254,1):pause 30;Clear LCD serout LCD,N2400_16,(254,128,253,0):pause 30 ; line 1, display msg0 serout LCD,N2400_16,(254,192,253,1):pause...
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    Pulse burst

    I there a way to make a pulse burst? I want to send a signal to a standard stepper motor controller that needs Step and Dir pulses. The Dir is no problem of course, but to let the motor make fast steps I would need to output about 1000Hz to the Step input. A do loop is not fast enough and a...
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    08M2 output signal during upload

    Hi, this is my first post, my first PICAXE project and also my first problem. I use this setup which works fine. The only trouble is during uploading a new program to the 08M2 a lot of pulses (maybe the serial data?) show at C4. Therefor the relais is humming until the uploading is done. The...