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    IRIN and PWM for dimming the LED

    Hello everybody, I wonder if it is possible to dim the LED with irin and pwm (not pwmout). I can't figure out a code. Could anybody help me? Thank you for an advice.
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    PICAXE 08M2 - basic connections handouts

    Hello everybody, I help my friends to know PICAXE and I got an idea to make a serie of handouts with basic connections for 08M2. Maybe it comes handy for everybody else. I will add more of them in this thread, but the progress will be slow depending on my free time. Here is the first one. I hope...
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    Kolobot with 08M2 and H-bridge

    Hello everybody, I would like to share simple robot with 08M2 and ultra simple H-bridge. Credit for H-bridge goes to Mr. Andrew H.:
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    Walking robot with 08M2

    Hello everybody, I am kindly asking for help. I built a walking robot - inspiration from here: I would like the robot to beep while turning. I cannot achieve this. I tried multitasking with start0 and start1 where start1 handled the beeping but it...
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    BlackBoard Circuit Designer - stripboard software

    I am not sure if this one was mentioned here on the forum. Interesting piece of software. Available here:
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    Microcontroller Interfacing Techniques

    I have found interesting articles on how to interface external electronics to microcontrollers (worth reading for me):
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    LED matrix 4x4 and 74HC595 help

    Hello, I would like to ask for help. Can I wire a circuit like the one in the attached image? If yes, I cannot figure out what a code looks like if I want to multiplex LEDs in the matrix so that only one is "ON" at a time and to run various animate patterns. Could anybody be willing to explain...
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    Simple programming task for kids

    Hi, everybody. I have been making projects with 08M2 with kids. To let them try their programming skills, I have been making worksheets with easy programming task. An example is attached. I would like to know if anyone here has similar ideas and is willing to share. Thank you for your replies.
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    Developing board with 08M2 that can be inserted into the breadboard

    Maybe it comes handy for someone. There is an interesting board with 08M2 onboard that can be inserted into the breadboard. You can see it here: I use it myself together with breadboard and I like it very much. The advantage is that all...
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    How to understand shift register 74HC595 with 08M2

    Hello everybody, I am asking for help. I am desperate because I would like to learn how to programm 74HC595 which is connecting to 08M2. I know how to wire the circuit but I cannot understand what I should do to make 8 LED diodes flash one after another with pauses let's say 200ms between each...