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    Picaxe Analogue Calibration Board - replacement firmware

    I thought I would share replacement firmware for the Picaxe Analogue Calibration Board. The board came with a very old part the 16c710, well mine did, and it failed this morning. Replaced the fail part with a 16f1847 (same pinout) and ten minutes...
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    Funny.... How to build a weapon....

    This is very funny, please have a look when you get a moment
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    Twin DC Bidirectional Motor Controller with back EMF using an 18m2

    Code for control of DC motor using back emf using 18m2. Works very well. Controls two DC motors via L293D Bi-directional feedback Each motor is controller independently Feedback used to ensure motor is at correct speed and to adjustment to ensure each wheel is at the same speed This uses...
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    Picaxe OWI-535 Robot Arm Modifications FAQ 1.00

    Please find attached the FAQ I have put together. I get many emails so I think this may help. Anobium
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    MAX7219 Serial LED Driver

    Updated code. Demo code supports 0-F characters but shows the methods to display any character. Based on Ron Hacketts good work. ' === LED7219_0_F.bas ============= 2012.02.19 ============= Ron Hackett === ' Updated by Evan Venn to support 0-F chars and lookup table and corrected use of...
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    Picaxe Casio Calculator Data Logger II

    I just posted a completed project, see here I used the FX-9750G model, but, this will work on newer and faster models of the Casio calculator. Thanks for the help recently in completing the code - thank you Anobium
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    Picaxe Casio Calculator Data Logger II

    I have just completed the Picaxe Casio Calculator Data Logger II. This was inspired by a piece of work completed by Mike Fenton. See here - the major differences 1) handles all the data processing, 2) bi-directional communications for setup and config and 3) up to 1530 samples. I have built...
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    Casio Calculator Communications BCD and Checksum code check

    I am completing a project to use my old Casio graphics calculator as a datalogger and graphical display for a Picaxe project. The Picaxe gathers the data and sends the data to the calculator. It all works very nicely - I have a rolling set of data points being captured and the data is being...
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    PE Feature

    I am using the PE simulate code that does work when downloaded to a Picaxe 14m2. symbol commsout = b.0 serout commsout,N2400_4, ("¯A") serout commsout,N2400_4, ("_A") serout commsout,N2400_4, ("-A") I am showing the tristate of a port via a comms port. I am using these characters to show...
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    Reading FSRs without ADC

    I am trying to use the approach shown at the bottom of this web page to read the value of the FSR. When I calibrate using a 10K Analog pot I get 4 values shown in the terminal of 0,1,2 and 3. These values are representative of the value of the...
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    I broke my AXE027 cable :-( Can I repair?

    I broke the tip off the end of the stereo connector on my AXE027. Can I simply 'chop' the end off and replace with a new stereo connector? Before you all wonder how this happened.... I dropped the cable and then ran over the connector with the wheel of my chair. arghhhhh! I have ordered...
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    Energy Metering Again......

    I have updated the blog with a video of progress of the energy metering project. I know this is an recurring project but the objective is to support some real research and the Cloud has to fit in the story somewhere.... :-) See this blog entry...
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    Gas Meter Graph Video

    Here is video of the metering solution using a Picaxe and some Google APIs. This is a work in progress but now I have overcome the architectural issues I can expand to include more information. The video show how gas usage data can be presented via the Cloud. I...
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    Gas Meter URLs - Graph of usage per hour

    This is the graph of my test data. I can provide the URL of this test data and my real data if you contact me. This is a standard Google graph and this means that I can choose from the many Google graphs styles to present the energy usage information. I am currently using an annotated...
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    Gas Meter is Working. Information published to web!

    So far, with the help of the Forum, I am able to monitor gas usage and then publish the information as a graph. The architecture to support this consists of the following. Schulmberger Gas Meter G5 Model circa 1975 Picaxe 14m2 - this is MOST of the development work! my Wintel server (Wintel) A...
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    Energy Meter - Background

    My partner set me a new challenge in support of her research. She is reseaching "Moments of Change: Exploring the transition to first-time parenthood or retirement as a point at which to influence the adoption of sustainable practices". This reseach is part of a larger project investigating...
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    14m2 Restart Issue

    I am looking for advice and some help. I have a circuit and program that is restarting a 14M2 randomly. I asked for advice last week - I added the capacitor on the power connectors as recommended. I have simplified the circuit to remove all but the essential components, see attachment. The...
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    AXE091 Development Board

    I have a few queries regarding the AXE091 dev board for @Technical et al. What modifications are required/recommended to the AXE091 to support the newer M2 chips? So far, I have had to add two caps and remove a resistor. The caps are to the 8/14 power pins and the resistor is connected to the...
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    Random Resets of 14m2 when using DO ... LOOP [FIXED - Power supply issue]

    I was getting random resets of the code below when I used a DO ... LOOP rather than the main: .... goto main instruction the random resets have stopped. I have a relative simple circuit in the AXE091 board with an external switch - the purpose of the application is to count the switch on/off...
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    Switch & Port High Circuit

    Can anyone point me towards the circuit diagram that someone recently posted. It showed how to create a simple circuit that pulsed the PICAXE IN port high? I did search but I was not able to find the posting. Most grateful. Anobium