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  1. Buzby

    Need one more Output

    Can the two digit display be multiplexed ?. This would give you a couple of spare pins.
  2. Buzby

    Can't WRITE into internal EEPROM with 40X2 ???

    Remove the 'NO DATA' directive. This directive tells PE not to load the EEPROM.
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    I wouldn't mess about trying to find a switch, just get a breadboard PSU with the switch already on. I use one similar to this. It can use different supplies, eg. wall warts or powerbanks, has selectable 3.3v/5v to the breadboard rails, and a push on/off...
  4. Buzby

    Best way to interface with rotary encoder

    "gibberish in the Terminal Window" is usually because the terminal is running at the wrong baud rate. Try 9600.
  5. Buzby

    Help software for KIT120 oscilloscope required

    I'm fairly certain that the software in post #2 is the one you need, even though it doesn't say it's for the KIT120.
  6. Buzby

    Test circuit for MD20A with feedback pot

    What exactly does the motor do ?. You are reading the feedback pot into B6, but the test for stopping uses B3., It is much better to start using symbols. They make programming so more clearer, and debugging so much easier . Cheers, Buzby
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    Be afraid, very afraid !

    And now, a tiny Spot you can build at home ....
  8. Buzby

    Reading the BNO055 9 DOF Absolute Orienation IMU Fusion Breakout board

    Hi Gramps, This thread has gone very quiet, how are you getting on ?. We all would like to see how your robot arm is progressing. Cheers, Buzby
  9. Buzby

    PWMOUT Wizard Bug ??

    Answer : When the Wizard tells you to !
  10. Buzby

    PWMOUT Wizard Bug ??

    That's not what I get when I use the wizard ! pwmout C.2, 99, 139 ; 10000Hz at 35% @ 4MHz pwmout pwmdiv4, C.2, 99, 139 ; 10000Hz at 35% @ 16MHz Same numbers, but 16MHz uses the divider, pwmdiv4, so I would expect the numbers to be the same, because the 'clock' is now divided by 4. Cheers, Buzby
  11. Buzby

    convert to 8m2

    Even simpler, just open the AXE105 sample in PE6 ( 'File'/'Open Samples'/'BASIC'/'AXE105 ...'/'08M ...' ). Then connect the dice simulator ... Now you can test the code completely in PE6 before trying on the real hardware. Cheers, Buzby
  12. Buzby

    convert to 8m2

    I don't think it's a Charlieplex circuit. The LEDs all connect back to 0v. It looks like a dice circuit, maybe compatible with AXE105. If so, it could be run in PE6 connected to the dice pcb simulation. See the AXE105 datasheet, the circuit is virtually identical to the one Depori has posted...
  13. Buzby

    20M2 - using an idle timer

    My solution would be something like this ... if ext_clock_detected then do clocked LED stuff time = 0 ' reset time if ext_clock detected endif if time > 60 then ' i.e time has not been reset for 60 sec stop doing clocked LED stuff time = 60 ' this is to stop time overflowing if...
  14. Buzby

    PWM Jellyfish

    You could make the tentacles sway gently to add a bit more effect. Put some muscle wires about halfway down, linked between the tentacles. Cheers, Buzby
  15. Buzby

    PWM Jellyfish

    Well done, it's magnificent !.
  16. Buzby

    I2C pullup resistor values

    There is another option for dramatically improving performance of big I2C networks, its called Active Pullups. A chip sits on the I2C bus and monitors the direction that the signal is moving, either up towards +v or down to 0v. If the bus is moving to +v the chip acivates a high current (5mA)...
  17. Buzby

    Servo Control using PS2 style joysticks

    A few helpful suggestions. Use symbols. Although you can keep track of each pin and each variable in your current code, once you get beyond a few axises you will definately get them mixed up. Use symbols that identify the function of the variable, and which axis it belongs to. Use 'gosub'...
  18. Buzby

    Servo Control using PS2 style joysticks

    Imagine you were controlling one axis with two buttons, FWD and REV. You would have code like, If FWD pressed then INC SERVOPOS If REV pressed then DEC SERVOPOS As you press the FWD button you would increase the SERVOPOS value. When the axis got where you want, you would release the button...
  19. Buzby

    I2C inter-PICAXE smulation ?

    There is no way I know of to make two programs interact in one instance of the PE6 simulator. The closest I've got is to run two instances of PE6, both outputting to their own PE6 serial terminal. I can then 'cut & paste' from the RX in one terminal to the TX in the other. It's very clunky...
  20. Buzby

    An occasional keyboard?

    Hi Derek, If you can understand serial comms, ( which I expect you can because of the MSF clock ), then you will have no problem with a Bluetooth module and a smartphone. The BT module appears to PICAXE as a serial port, and a simple terminal app on the phone sends characters for the PICAXE to...