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  1. lbenson

    Off Topic (Sort of): 12V Battery backup for house systems

    Apologies for a long post with only a bit picaxe-related. I don't want to hijack SolarMike's "08M2 PV MPPT Charge Controller", but papaof2's post has me wanting followup: For a number of reasons I feel there's no hope for solar for me in Nova Scotia, but I would like to have backup for oil...
  2. lbenson

    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    Here is code to run an MQTT node on a PICAXE 20M2, sending the data using an ESP-01 flashed with Annex RDS ( (See post 11 for 14M2 PCB.) '20mqtt #picaxe 20M2 #no_data #terminal 4800 symbol baud=t2400_4 symbol pLED=B.0 symbol action=b4 symbol...
  3. lbenson

    Capacitors: 68nF ok instead of 100nF?

    I've run out of 100nF capacitors, but by chance have a stash of small values of which the highest is 68nF. Are they suitable to use where where a 100nF capacitor would have been, adjacent to the picaxe power pins?
  4. lbenson

    28x2, 40x2 picaxe web server with ESP-01 and pi javascript

    Here is a picaxe web server, derived from hippy's code in post #28 in the thread, Where's the Wizard? and hemi's suggestion of using javascript on a remote web server to actually build the html (on a pi, in this case). Per Electronics...
  5. lbenson

    Workspace confusion

    I have a workspace, named 40x2.wsp, which opens with 7 programs. I delete three of them and open another, and then save the workspace. If I then close PE6 and open that workspace again, the original 7 are still there, and the new one isn't. How do I accomplish what I want--removal of 3...
  6. lbenson

    I don't understand diode ratings

    and the datasheet doesn't help me. Looking at, for instance, the 1N5817, which is rated 20V, 1A: I want to be able to power a dollar store LED light, 3-AAA powered, from 5V from mains or battery sources (18650 holder module), connected...
  7. lbenson

    Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter

    From Goetex via Erco, this PCB plugs into this CH340 usb serial adapter and programs a picaxe with 3-pin SIL programming socket, using a 74HC14 to invert the signals. Attached...
  8. lbenson

    29 12V outputs, 256 timed events: 20M2, MCP23017, ULN2803

    Hedingham's dollhouse lighting thread made me wonder about a convenient way to turn on and off lots of 12V lights on a 24-hour timed schedule. I've designed PCBs, had them manufactured, and and have tested a 20M2 design which, with an MCP23017 I2C I/O extender allows control of 29 lights, with...
  9. lbenson

    14M2 2-4 line LCD PCB

    5 years ago I made a PCB using a 14M2 to provide a serial interface (from another picaxe) to a 2x16 LCD with the Hitachi interface using Hippy's 4-bit code. It worked (and works) fine. I had a use for it with a 4x20 LCD, so I plugged in the board. I thought it wasn't working, but happened to...
  10. lbenson

    ebay i2c mcp23017 i/o expander module

    I found this i2c mcp23017 i/o expander module on ebay: Here it is in action with an 08M2: MCP23017 i2c module Here's the code: '08mcp01723.bas #picaxe 08M2 SYMBOL mcp23017...
  11. lbenson

    Solar panels for battery backup with trickle charge

    I've been looking at a backup water system for my house to provide water from my shallow well in case the electricity goes out. I had been thinking about a 12V pumping system, but then after mulling over how to get the water where I wanted it, it seemed to me easier to just provide backup to the...
  12. lbenson

    Can new blog posts be made to be shown with "New Posts" click?

    It just inadvertently came to my attention that there is a whole new (if small) world of picaxe stuff out there behind the "Blogs" link. I've never looked at it before. Is there a forum setting behind the scenes which would enable new blog posts to appear in the list when the "New Posts" link is...
  13. lbenson

    What am I doing wrong with settimer and toflag?

    On a 20x2, I'm trying to roughly replicate the "time" variable usage on the M2 parts (so I can interchange some M2 and X2 code). The following code, should, to my mind, print the count of minutes followed by 60 "."s, but I get only the number "1". It appears that toflag is not being set. What...
  14. lbenson

    CALIBADC to calculate voltage: problem @ 32mHz

    I've often used this code to calculate voltage times 10: calibadc b4 b4 = 2611 / b4 ' 1.024 * 255 * 10 / calibADC value: V*10 I have a design which needs to run at 32mHz and 3V to accomodate a Nokia 5110 LCD, but have found that CALIBADC doesn't return the right value for this calculation...
  15. lbenson

    Ordering issue Tech Supplies

    I tried to place an order from Tech Supplies. When I tried to login, I got a message like "email address and password don't match". I requested a password update but never got the email which was supposed to arrive if my email address was on file (not in spam account either). I tried to...
  16. lbenson

    Non-interrupt X2 code for 500ms timed loops with second, 2 second, minute flags

    The following code loops every 500ms based on "setfreq M8", "settimer t1s_4" and a check for a change in the value of "timer". The two commands function so that the system variable, "timer" increments every half second. ' 20timertest tests 500ms timing #picaxe 20x2 #terminal 9600 #no_data...
  17. lbenson

    readtemp disables (delays) "time" count on M2s

    Perhaps this has been noted before, but I missed it. I've been scratching my head as to why the "time" count that I've been using in a program for rough timing is so far off. As it turns out, the counting of "time" is disabled during a READTEMP command (up to 750ms), so if you are doing READTEMP...
  18. lbenson

    Smoothing Capacitor Value

    The circuit above, with 24VAC fed into an LTV-814 photocoupler, gives me 120 pulses per second. What value smoothing capacitor do I need from the upper end of R13 to 0V in order to read a logic 1 when the AC is on? Are there better values for the resistors?
  19. lbenson

    Just my 2 cents (less each, actually)--500 LEDs
  20. lbenson

    In PE6, pgms in windowed panes, not tabs--how do I revert?

    I managed to hit some key combination which got my programs into multiple windows within the code space. What do I do to get it back to tabs for the different programs?