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  1. jpantone

    Different syntax for i/o pins

    Sorry if this is a dupe, couldn't find anything in search. Is there some way to make a symbol which can be used for both input (uses port notation, i.e. C.1) and setint (which uses pinC.1 notation)? currently I use: symbol NETWORK = C.1 symbol NETPIN = pinC.1 and input NETWORK setint...
  2. jpantone

    Strange Results from LinAXEPad

    After much fooling around, I finally got my AXE027 to be recognized (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). My userid is a member of the dialout group as recommended. When I run LinAXEPad I get some odd results. Using the Clear Program Memory option yields a "success" dialog box see attached. However trying to...