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    rs232 driver

    What you have posted is basically a schematic. I feel you have a question but may need to elaborate on you problem or information. what is the source (internet link) for the diagram you provided? Tell us more and folks here can help.
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    5V Source for SN754410 "ENABLE" Pins

    Yes, 0 volt is what is often referred to as “ground”. But if battery powered or through many power supplied The 0 volt connection is not connected to ground (and thus is not earthed/grounded as is the metalwork on a mains powered device).
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    5V Source for SN754410 "ENABLE" Pins

    There is no problem in using the +5 V d.c. powering the SN754410 Vcc1 to also pull the two enable pins high - using a 10 kOhm pull up resistor as you suggest. Remember also to ensure that the 0 Volt line to the SN754410 is also connected to the 0 Volt line for the microcontroller. like IWP I...
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    Seems the last post to date by hippy was on 11th June 2020 and his last visit to the forum was on 25th July 2020.
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    Ideas for measuring model railway loco speed

    My speedometer wagon could be another option rather than a fixed device:
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    Interrupts prematurely cancelling pause and waits - fix on the horizon?

    As IWP has indicated above, it is more a case of a documented feature. see note 4 Accordingly, no “fix” has ever been considered. The usual recommended method for those who do have pauses of extended duration has been, as...
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    Picaxe 08 ^ 433MHz Tx Rx

    David Lincoln originally had a website from which all the code in the book and a lot of errata (I had provided a lot of feedback to the Vol 1 errata just as the book was released) was available to save time typing. Lincsoft website has gone but the wayback Website has archives For volume 2...
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    Slots, variables and RAM in an M2

    Hello Derek, have you read the information about the RUN command:
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    Potentiometers - reading and recording values

    If using the SERVO and SERVOPOS commands a byte variable is used and thus only values 0 to 255 are possible and accepted by the command. In this case there is no advantage in using the READADC10 - you would need to shift the value right (divide by 4) to use the top 8 bits. lit using your...
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    Circuit works fine with 18M2, but not with an 08M2?

    Since neither circuit shows the SerialIn pin held low with a resistor I suggest a full schematic AND a photo of both circuits. Photo needs to be straight down on the circuit and clear enough to trace the wiring. If on a circuit board as opposed to a breadboard then photo of both sides of both...
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    trouble installing axe027 on Windows 10

    Checking the com port as I mentioned in post 2 is normally only applicable when you have just installed the AXE027 drivers as the OP (Jack) had just done/mentioned. PE6 appears to retain the com port number if started without the cable plugged into the USB port. Hence thereafter it depends on...
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    trouble installing axe027 on Windows 10

    You will need to ascertain the correct COM port number using Device manager (there is also an option in the PE but away from PC). Typically for USB ports this can be COM 3 or 4. EDIT: (Now at a PC) In the PE6 From the Workspace Explorer at the left side Under the Settings/ COM Port click the...
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    Hooking Multiple I2C devices to one Picaxe

    You will find some of my past information and code examples for the DS3232 here:
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    Create Picaxe 14M2 Project Board on a breadboard!

    Hello Electronics Learner 123 (and others), If once you have dropped the default IC onto your bread/proto/strip board you right click then you have the opportunity to select many specific IC's such as the PICAXE range and quite a number of other ICs often used with PIACXE projects. It can pay...
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    Create Picaxe 14M2 Project Board on a breadboard!

    While I see that AlleyCat has also responded on the topic of wires on top of each other, in pictorial/visual form, using the 1/3 above/left and 1/3 below/right options will offset the wires:
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    Create Picaxe 14M2 Project Board on a breadboard!

    Also please take note that the pins on the base of the stereo programming socket are not long enough to make contact on a breadboard. As such there is a need to extend the pins or use a breadboard adapter such as the AXE029 available from the PICAXE store or make your own on some strip board...
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    New Art / Study Project

    You can consider alternatives to the ULN2803A using DMOS technology. See my past post here:
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    3 pin ceramic resonator

    The information I have seen is on the UK based MERG closed forum and there also references Microchip forums (but no links). From my re-reading it appears for the MERG group that 18F K series PIC chips as used for the PICAXE X2 range are involved. It is not the PIC itself but the resonator...
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    3 pin ceramic resonator

    What is the intended project/application requiring the resonator? From a model railway related website many members there have been having problems with resonators (4, 8 and 16 MHz) from various sources in conjunction with PIC related projects. Seems that the resonators do work but are often...
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    ESP8266 BASIC

    The devices you reference are BASiC language programmable Mirco’s that nominally are in competition with the PICAXE chips this forum supports. I think you need to quickly explain where the PICAXE is used in relation to you question. Otherwise this thread may be removed as being advertising for a...