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  1. fernando_g

    Accurate Frequency Counter (0 - 65MHz)

    Thanks Kranenborg, for the update of a real “classic” PICaxe project. I have also used the 28X because of its external oscillator capability. In one instance where I required very high precision, I actually employed the 10 Mhz signal from a GPS disciplined oscillator.
  2. fernando_g

    Downloading programs on a 3.3V powered Picaxe

    Thanks Alan, for the advice. A trick I have learned the hard way is to never hard-wire any unused PICaxe pins. Nowadays I always leave 0805 placeholders on the PWB, which more than once has allowed me to expand a project. Fortunately this was the case here!
  3. fernando_g

    Downloading programs on a 3.3V powered Picaxe

    Edit: I believe that I will have to "deadbug" the 22k series resistor, which I originally did not include.
  4. fernando_g

    Downloading programs on a 3.3V powered Picaxe

    Simple question; I have a Picaxe project which runs on 3.3V, but requires software updates. I originally programmed the Picaxe in a test socket running at 5V. I've always used the AXE027 cable, which in my understanding will output 5V TTL levels. Will the Picaxe's serial input be damaged if I...
  5. fernando_g

    I2C pullup resistor values

    Interesting! One can count on Linear Tech/Analog Devices to come up with specialist devices
  6. fernando_g

    I2C pullup resistor values

    A painful learning experience that I would like to share with others. For a 5 volt supply and running at 100khz, the standard 10k resistors do the job quite nicely. But on a project which had up to 8 slaveI2C devices which had to be queried constantly I found that I required to run the bus at...
  7. fernando_g

    Light Chaser; Preloading EEPROM data

    Brilliant suggestions, all of them! Thanks!
  8. fernando_g

    What's next after M2?

    Another retired geezer here. Also for me, the PICAXE satisfies my need for the projects I do to entertain myself. They are not extra challenging nor do they require IoT connectivity. Having said that, there are projects which have struggled with execution speed. Therefore I feel Buzby's...
  9. fernando_g

    Light Chaser; Preloading EEPROM data

    I am planning to build a light chaser, on which the strings of LEDs is lit up with sequences like the following example: 0000 0000 1000 0000 0100 0000 0010 0000 0001 0000 0000 1000 0000 0100 0000 0010 0000 0001 then a new sequence follows: 1100 0000 0110 0000 0011 0000 0001 1000 0000 1100 0000...
  10. fernando_g

    Investigating low power consumption modes.

    Of course, this is a *very preliminary study*, which can be significantly enhanced with all the variables mentioned in the posts above. But on the other hand, my intention is not to write a full blown datasheet...;) AllyCat's comment I had already noticed....while increasing the clock speed to...
  11. fernando_g

    Investigating low power consumption modes.

    I will be working on a project running from supercaps in the near future, and was looking at ways to minimize current consumption, for obvious reasons. I will write about this project later. Right now, I investigated the 14M2's current draw vs frequency, and in the sleep and disablebod modes. I...
  12. fernando_g

    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    Very interesting thread a tour of force which shows clever ways to achieve surprising results with the limited integer arithmetic. Having said this, and on the practical side; nowadays that all Picaxe chips support I2C, I tend to use external ADCs instead whenever high accuracy is required...
  13. fernando_g

    AXE027 alternate

    Thanks for the prompt reply. You plan to tackle hand-soldering a QFN? (y)
  14. fernando_g

    AXE027 alternate

    @mortifyu: Which FTDI chip did you use? The FT230X appears to be suitable. I also own a proper AXE027 cable, and purchase all chips and accesories from legit RevEd distributors. But in many instances (a datalogger for instance) it is useful to have your PICAXE project connected via USB to a...
  15. fernando_g

    Interesting LED dimmer circuit

    Indeed, this whole circuit could be replaced with a single Picaxe 8M2, a pot and some resistors, driving a logic level Mosfet. Or if you want to drive a larger Mosfet, a suitable low-side gate driver, which are dime a dozen.
  16. fernando_g

    Solar panels for battery backup with trickle charge

    Like almost everything on Ebay, I would strongly suggest that you validate that the module does do what you want it to do. That includes maximum load operation at your operating temperature extremes. Lastly, if you plan to use it outside, do give it a pair of coats of humiseal. Mask the outside...
  17. fernando_g

    Porting from original 20M software to a 20X or 20M2

    Looong time, I've posted in this forum. My PICAXE basic is somewhat rusted, so this may be a very simple question to some of you. What is required to port original 20M software to a modern 20X or 20M2? I've an old project which I accidentally damaged the 20M. I already have a 20X which could...
  18. fernando_g

    OT: World's largest battery in Australia

    I would love to hear comments from our down under friends about the following news: I had read a Silicon Chip editorial page where it had been complained the SA's government had relied way too much on renewables...
  19. fernando_g

    the dreaded W10 update has happened!

    And Paint is gone! I know, I we have Paint 3D. Call me a Luddite, but I liked Paint. Why could they not both coexist?
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    Programming a 3V3-powered PICAXE with an AXE027

    I am planning to build a Picaxe system which will be powered from a 3V3 supply. But like all my projects, I would like to maintain software upgrade capabilities. However, the AXE027 is a 5V-only device. I was planning to include a resistive divider for Serial In pin, and a Mosfet level...