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    Question about Pin and which Leg it is

    I need to use the ReadTemp with an 8M chip. I have it connected to In-3 which is Leg 4. The manual says for an 8M the command is not available on Pin 3 ... very confusing to me. So - which is the Pin we are talking about? Thanks
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    Easiest way to have Picaxe wait 3-5 minutes before taking another sample?

    Using an 8M I will be using it like a intervalometer and only need to read the temperature every 3-5 minutes. Is there a simple way other that a pause in a loop?
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    Will this actually work?

    I have corrected the schematic and added the relay, removed the FET and display. Revised code at end Thanks for the help ... I needed it!! I have a new Carrier Infinity 5 stage heat pump system - best there is. Turns out in their wisdom they will not let the AC function below stage 2 if it...
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    Where to purchase 14M2 surface mount parts in USA?

    Who is current distributor? Rev-ed wants 8x the shipping for 10 pieces vs. 1 piece ... about 1/4 ounce! Thanks
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    DS18B20 ... a way to shift the range higher or offset?

    I would like to make a temperature controller with a Picaxe and a DS18B20. However, I need the range to cover a little higher temperature .... up to +325°F. I will actually operate at ~ 100°F to 325°F The data sheet shows a range of (-67°F to +257°F) for the DS18B20. Is there a way to...
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    Format question for technical

    This is OT but you may have the answer I need. I have an older forum using the Snitz format. I need to convert it to something modern and I can not afford to lose my archives. Is there a newer forum such as this one or a conversion SW to bring the older formatted archives into a new forum...
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    Free GPS module to a good home ... LOL

    All are gone ... thanks. I have 3 of these modules and antennas that I never used and do not need. They are new and a shame to toss in the trash. I am moving and cleaning house! If anyone wants one please send me an email. All I need is the postage to send it to you ... $6 in the USA...
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    Where to buy BAS 800 pic programmer?

    Tried rev-ed site and their store does not seem to work.
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    Simulator in Editor V 5.3.1

    While using the simulator is there a feature/way to get code timing information. For example if I have a code module haw can I find out how long it takes to execute and it need to be pretty accurate. Thanks
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    Are 14M and 8M SMT chips available in USA?

    Can not find any - sent technical a PM asking question.
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    pwmout w?14M chip and the editor wizzard

    Ok ... looks like the PWM function is only available on I/O2 like the 8M. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I am using a 14M chip and want to use the PWM function on output 0 (leg13). I select the 14M in the editor (V5.3.1) options. When I use the editor PWM wizard I can only see the 8M chip...
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    Wiss this circuit work?

    Will this circuit work? I'll work it out
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    Completed Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit.

    I have completed the unit and it appears to work well. I finally had to use a count method to watch the flasher module to get it to work. The code isn't elegant but it is functional. Here are all of the files in Eagle and the code file. I have routed the PCB's in several versions. The one...
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    Can not install current editor version ???

    Can not install current editor version --- SOLVED I down loaded the current editor and tried to install. Gets to the point of looking for a disk or source for program editor.msi. Turns out that there are several sources of this file in the windows installation folder which were not removed...
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    Piezo Sounder Frequency

    The resonant frequency of the device is ~ 2900 Hz. I am using an 8M and the lowest freq. I can get with the PWMOUT command is 3900. I also tried the TUNE command. I want it as loud as possible and it is running at 12v already. How to get the correct frequency?
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    Help with a small section of code needed

    I need some help with one section of my code. It works perfectly; however, it is probably time sensitive when checking to see if the Signal Line is toggling (CheckForFlasherToggling). I used hippy's idea to watch that line and it works, but when/if the battery voltage changes it may not...
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    Piezo disk or sounder

    I have tried both and driving it directly from the Picaxe is is not very loud. Can someone recommend a small unit (part number and source) that will be pretty loud in an outside environment? Thanks
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    Please check and see if this is correct.

    Updated w/video Please check and see if this is correct. Yes ... this is for my motorcycle ... LOL. This is the final code ... working and this is a link to a demo video on YouTube: #picaxe 08M #rem...
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    OK ... I give up?

    Spam robot prevention Please type the word picaxe followed by the number digits for one two three (ie a 9 character single word) What might this 9 character word be ... LOL.
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    Will this be sufficient to protect the Picaxe?

    I have two input circuits. Both are sitting at +12v and I want to know when one of them goes to 0v (ground). This is just the basic to show the question and the Picaxe is not finished, etc. When either line goes to ground the input to the Picaxe should go low. My question is with the 5V on...