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    Converting temperature K to C maths not working

    Hi all, I am trying to convert temperature K into temperature C, The formula is straight forward from what I understand K - 273.15 = C. I know the Picaxe cannot use decimal places so I tried these ways without success Picaxe 08M2 setfreq m16 pause 8000 ;Maths 1 to change K into C, W12 is...
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    Motor controller with speed steps stack overflow error picaxe locks up

    Hi All I am trying to control a motor to have speed steps controlled by another picaxe through Ir numbers loaded into b0, the main idea of this project is to try and master gosub, return and PWM out. The ultimate aim is to have the picaxe receive a number numbers 1 and 10 alter in puts C0 and...
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    Serial issue AT-09 Bluetooth 4.0 Module Transceiver BLE CC2540 CC2541 MLT-BT05 HM-10

    Hi having a problem with baud rate when I change frequency from setfreq m16 back to setfreq m8 or setfreq mdefault. If I use this code setfreq m16 ;set clock from 8mhz to 16 init: high C.4...