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    Picaxe VSM and dacsetup

    Picaxe VSM is telling me that dacsetup is not supported. Is this for real, or am I missing a patch, or is there a workaround? Since Picaxe VSM is still listed for sale I can't imagine that picaxe is selling software that does not fully support their products. Tom W. P.S. A little edit here...
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    Wrong pin numbers on picaxe 14M2 parts

    Hi I have been simulating a circuit using the picaxe 14M2. In my libraries the schematic symbols for both the 14M2 and the 14M2-IC have incorrect pin numbers for pins 2 through 6, being labelled 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 respectively. If I try to correct this by decomposing the symbol, as soon as I do...