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    Switching positive volt

    Hi, as in previous posts for my project I have 12 volt (regulator) and 24 volt (battery) output on different pins on a plug 24v is then switched with the IRL 520 from picaxe command. to drive external buzzer/sensor/relay/lamp etc I would like to have the negative as common and one pin as 12/24v...
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    Brain hurts..anyone bored..

    just for info anyone bored and find faults? Here i have the schematic for my project. 24v battery supplying 12v to 5v, for project and outputs for all numerous 5v inputs, for switches triggering 24v out, detecting and measuring a external 24v input
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    Wireless manual switch

    Hi looking to operate a manual toggle or push button switch wired to a box to then wireless send signal to a Picaxe input a few metres away. Any wireless type addons? ones in Picaxe shop never in stock other web sites seem to always be discontinued. Infra red not possible.
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    adc stability for volt meter

    hi using volt divider circuit to measure 24 volt battery requirements 10v to 30v, even with 1v accuracy be good. but its wandering so much? decimal read is 10 to 50.. 5v zenier 2k7 resistor ----------------- v out 39k resistor init: #picaxe 20M2 pause 200 FVRSETUP FVR2048 'Set Fixed...
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    relay testing circuit

    Hi. Im trying to test 24v automotive relays.. I have picaxe 20m2 output to bcx 38. (not sure if symbol on drawing correct). this then activates 24v coil on relay 1, 24v is then switched to activate 24v coil on the test relay. each normal open/nomal closed then feeds 24v to relay S1 and S2 which...
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    Reading word variable

    hi I am trying to set a 24v low batt alarm. i have volt dividers and adjusted to get reading ok i have been trying to read w4 or b10 and b11 to add in code if w4 < 24xxx then alarm etc cant seem to read w4 or b10,b11 and act on them however can display on screen was trying: if w4 < 23 then goto...
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    hell.p 20m2 pin c.7

    Hi I have a project looking at 3 inputs on a 20xm2. checking c.4, c.5 and c.7... just run simple prog to check all inputs, all work but c,7. tried new chip, solder joints etc even went direct to pin.. same all but c.7 am i missing something with the input of the chip? if pinC.4=1 or pinc.5=1 or...