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    Using a voltage divider to measure battery voltage

    Hello All, It would seem to be a simple matter to use a voltage divider and ADC pin to measure voltage but the forum and the internet seems to be awash with complicated solutions and discussions on unexpected ADC values. Picaxes also seem to be quite sensitive to the resistor values on their...
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    Simple water detection circuit for picaxe

    Hello, There are many complex solutions to water detection on the forum including alternating current options to prevent corrosion but a simple voltage divider technique which uses zero addition components apart from 2 pieces of wire and works well on Arduino type boards but does not seem to...
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    Code to detect single press, long press and double click of a push switch

    hello Can anybody point me to some simple code to detect a momentary press, a long press and a double click of a push switch? Preferably it would not use interrupts so that it is applicable to all pins. Thank you for your assistance.