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  1. The bear

    Changing a normally input pin to an output.

    Hi Gramps, Is this any help? Bear..
  2. The bear

    PE6.1.0.0 Desktop Layout problem (Win. 10).

    Alan, Is this any help? Good luck, Bear..
  3. The bear

    Distance Sensor Preference

    Gramps, I like the leaf spring idea. Have you got an anti-jackknife device on your vehicle? If so, you could tap into that. Just a thought, as Tex would say. Good luck, Bear..
  4. The bear

    Picaxe stops operating

    I would suspect the water valve, if it's on the same supply. Can you introduce 'Disablebod, at the beginning of you program? Good luck, Bear..
  5. The bear

    New Art / Study Project

    @datasmith, Heatsink; solder two copper wires to you alligator clips, obviously extended a little. Regards, Bear..
  6. The bear

    Simple water detection circuit for picaxe

    @mrm, Perhaps I've missed something? Is the object to detect water, or the lack of it. I was thinking along the lines of a water level sensor, float or opto. distortion perhaps. What does industry use? Bear..
  7. The bear

    20M2 As slave

    Thanks eclectic.
  8. The bear

    20M2 As slave

    @pedropt, Looks like you live in a very nice place. Regards, Bear..
  9. The bear

    Controlling a large motor with a 28X2

    Hi Gramps, That wouldn't look out of place orbiting planet earth.;) Regards, Bear..
  10. The bear

    DAC Transistor

    @julianE, An emitter follower = high impedance. Bear..
  11. The bear

    New Member-New Project: 08M2 and the TLC5947

    @datasmith , Exceedingly clever...
  12. The bear


    Hi nhphantom, Thank you for your reply. Looks very nice, just south of the Canadian border. There is a member on this forum from the Ossipee area. Bear..
  13. The bear


    Hi nhphantom, Can you give me a clue, as to "nh" location. Bear..
  14. The bear


    Well done, brilliant. Stay cool. Regards, bear..
  15. The bear

    18M2 RTC

    The clever people on this forum will ask you for more information. Like: Photo of layout, circuit diagram, your coding & symptoms (What it is or isn't it doing). I'm not clever. Good luck.
  16. The bear

    AXE027 alternate

    fernando_g said: You plan to tackle hand-soldering a QFN? Looks quite a challenge
  17. The bear

    My first PICaxe attempt was a success!

    Congratulations Chris, Is there any chance of changing the description from "It was a simple program to help with a couple of functions on my project." To: It was a very very complex program to help with a couple of functions on my project. Depressed bear..
  18. The bear

    Best starter pack?

    Hairdryer? Or a Picaxe. Edit, to add Picaxe.
  19. The bear

    Help please, For a servo operated mousetrap.

    @mikeyBoo, Thank you for your trap details, it looks very good. Ingenious in fact. Bear..
  20. The bear

    Help please, For a servo operated mousetrap.

    Thanks Tex, You are being very kind, appreciated. Bear..