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    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    tmfkam, Thanks for your tip on JLCPCB. I was about to get some boards made and now plan to try JLCPCB. I have reasons for preferring Hong Kong manufacture to mainland China anyway, however my reason for this may no longer apply, unfortunately. Pete
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    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    Geoff07 For boards that size I'd expect to pay USD $19.90 plus delivery for 10 quality boards from in China. Never had a problem or long delays. Note that the currency can be set at the top of the page. I set mine for Aussie $'s.
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    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    Enthusiastically following this post. Good luck.
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Agreed to the improved accuracy of DS3231 over DS1307. I won't use DS1307 again. My accuracy needs are covered by the DS3231 and the price is good, however I second tommo_NZ's request for detail as to a suitable GPS unit. I'd assume the increased accuracy would come at a significant price increase.
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Praise to Marks for his Day Light Saving code. I recommend it, but I ask anyone who uses it to express any problems they find for the benefit of all. Have not faulted it, though I must admit to a lack of testing owing to the crazy onset of Xmas increasing both my work and domestic demands. Now a...
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    Right sony Remote

    4K7 is a resister. It is a 4.7 K Ohm resister or 4700R. Same...... The 4.7uf is a capacitor - 4.7 micro-farad capacitor. Follow Prokanousek's advice above using a 4.7uf capacitor instead of the 100n, and a 4k7 resister instead of the 330R. It should then work on one of the Sony TV codes.
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    MurrayJ . I viewed that video. Thanks. My takeaway point. Just don't do it. Don't cover multiple countries time-zones unless you thrive on stress. inglewoodpete . Yes. I believe the Republic of Queensland does not have daylight saving either. My current need is local, self need, South...
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Thanks Marks. I'm yet to study your code in detail and try it. I can see gains in my knowledge as I investigate. Today I'm assembling blank boards that just arrived from China which will support this code. I expect to try it tomorrow. I'll report back.
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Back to the computer after the weekend. Thanks Hippy and Marks. Marks, I'll look at your code later today and report my inevitable problems. (with my understanding, not your code). Hippy, I'm most impressed with your code, as usual. I've started to alter it to suit Aust. Still need to sort out...
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    I'm trying to change Hippy's excellent code to auto- adjust for day light saving, so it works in Australia. Has anyone already done this? My brain is turning to mush just trying. It it complicated by the fact our DLS time starts and ends in two different years and that it must include Feb 29 in...
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    DRF1278 tranceiver problem

    Hi folks. I'm learning from srnet's post at . I've set up hardware and software from this post, with a hardware difference. I've moved all non 'C bank' pins to 'C bank' except pin B.4. Works great and...
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    Interrupt And Return

    My understanding is that I must have a 'Return' at the end of an interrupt sub. This returns the program to the line after where the interrupt occured. My problem is that if an interrupt accures I wish the program to goto Main, not return to next line. Any thoughts or ideas?
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    Transmit a word with nRF24l01

    Hi. I'm struggling to transmit via 2x nRF24L01 radio modules, each connected to picaxe 40x2's. I can send a byte, no problem, but trying to send a word fails. I only recieve the first byte of the word. I know the first reply will be "where's your code, where's your schematic". That will come if...
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    School Crossings

    PROJECT PURPOSE I work for a small company. (under 10 workers). We often are contracted to install flashing pedestrian crossings, called wombat, koala or school xings. That's always on, daytime on, or on before and after school / lunchtime using timeclocks. There are also short term temporary...
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    Checking date to define an action

    Hi. I have a project that's become urgent. I'm using two Picaxe 20x2's, talking to each other via a 'nrf24l01' radio link, in a master/slave setup. Two LEDs on each micro flash at about a 1 Hz rate, controlled by the master micro. All the above works fine. Now the problem. Using an on board...