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  1. Buzby

    Timing conflicts with servo and serout on 08M2+

    Manual 2, Appendix 4 lists the interrupt dependant commands, and also the commands which disable these interrupts. ( I still occasionally need to refer here. ) Cheers, Buzby
  2. Buzby

    Open Source Ventilator Project

    Hmm ? I don't think I'll try building one. Got in enough trouble splashing water around from my drip generator, hate to think what the missus would say if it was blood !.
  3. Buzby

    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    So am I. Are you trying to calibrate something, or do you just need to know if the resistance is less than 310ohm ?
  4. Buzby

    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, There are a few thing you can do to get better results, before you get into multi-word maths. The span of the ADC in the PICAXE is 0v to 5v, but your circuit only uses 40% of that span. ( When R1 is very low, Vout is near 5v. When R1 is about 300ohm, Vout is near 3v. There is only 2v...
  5. Buzby

    Create Picaxe 14M2 Project Board on a breadboard!

    Have you assembled the breadboard adaptor ?. Please post a photo of the top and bottom of the assembled adaptor.
  6. Buzby

    Create Picaxe 14M2 Project Board on a breadboard!

    Hot glue is not solder, it doesn't conduct electricity. I strongly suggest you order an AXE029. It does need soldering, but it will save you hours of brain ache. Cheers, Buzby
  7. Buzby

    New Art / Study Project

    $160 will buy you a hell of a lot of professionally made PCBs from a fabricator. Rolling your own is not easy. You will have a lot of scrap during your learning phase, not to mention chemical stains everywhere, and plenty broken drill bits. I suppose it boils down to 'do you want to make an...
  8. Buzby

    Capacitors: 68nF ok instead of 100nF?

    I've mentioned this before, but it won't harm to say it again ... Years ago I built a gadget using CMOS counter chips, and a 7805 ( with no capacitors ) provided the supply. The circuit didn't work. Lots of probing with a multimeter, checking connections, etc. did not reveal why my counters...
  9. Buzby

    Capacitors: 68nF ok instead of 100nF?

    They should do, but if you really need 100nF I've got a few spare. I'll swap you some for a couple of toilet rolls.
  10. Buzby

    Turn a WORD variable into separate BYTE variables

    I think this is what you need :
  11. Buzby

    Simple connections to the AXE117 project board

    Hi Bruce, Take a look at Manual 3. ( ) This will tell you everything you need to connect your PICAXE to switches, and a whole lot more !. Cheers, Buzby
  12. Buzby

    PIC to Picaxe program conversion - simple servo drive The original purpose of the code. Easy-peasy with a PICAXE !
  13. Buzby

    Has anybody interfaced the MH-Z19B CO2 sensor

    Hi John, Your code looks OK, are you sure there is no reply ? Have you got a scope you can use to check that the device is actually replying ?. Because your serin has no timeout, comms can get lost. Also, I'd comment out all that initialisation stuff, just run the 'main loop', without calling...
  14. Buzby

    PIC to Picaxe program conversion - simple servo drive

    Hi BrainStrain, Have you already got a PICAXE and a servo wired up ?. Although the PIC code could be re-worked for a PICAXE, it would be much easier to program from scratch. See the servo command here : The example code shown...
  15. Buzby

    Test vidéo

    Well, it looked like it worked to me. ( But I wouldn't post on Dailymotion, too many NSFW videos pop up without notice. )
  16. Buzby

    "Need for speed" - help needed optimising code

    Analogue values from pots, or whatever, inevitably have a bit or two of noise. This will cause your ADC1 / ADC2 comparison to trigger every scan. Try to think of a way of detecting a significant change in value, not just every tiny change. Your doing great !. Buzby
  17. Buzby

    "Need for speed" - help needed optimising code

    You've got a 40X2 with a 16MHz xtal ?. That will run at 64MHz if you use 'setfreq em64', but I didn't see one in your code. I've not looked through your code properly, but the big 'select/case' statement can probably shortened to a line or two of maths. Cheers, Buzby
  18. Buzby

    Where's the Wizard ?

    Yes, they are included files, not libraries. The clue is in the name. An 'include' file is included just as if it was 'cut & pasted' into your prog, whereas a library is a store where you take only that which you need, the rest stays where it is. If you build an include file with ten...
  19. Buzby

    PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?

    A VT100 emulator is not what I was asking about. I was asking if the stuff already in PE6 is being investigated. The dropdown in terminal settings has the backspace ( $08 )tickbox, but the result is not as expected. I don't expect Rev-Ed to wtite a VT100 emulator at all. My suggestion is to...