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    Use of the the ptyr space for terxt handling

    PICAXE basic lacks and Array handling. Alongside this is a lack of Text string handling. Some time back I converted an AXE133 to recieve and 'parse' sentences received from a GPS receiver chip. The problem with this was that, though I could use SERIN to identify and start receiving the text,I...
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    Extra bits Picaxe store might consider stocking

    Maplin have now gone bust !!! ekk where did I put that RS catalogue ? But there are items I'd like the Picaxe gurus to consider stocking. The first is a red, yellow and green 5volt LEDs laid out like traffic lights. These are available from model shops. But there was a time when writing...
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    Grey haired non-electronic Tip of using Nail Varnish

    For a long time I have used Nail Varnish to paint over the soldered side of a PCB. Once happy and confident that a newly soldered PCB works works and is finished; paint over the principle solder on the PCB with Nail Varnish. Once dry, it then makes a good insulating layer and can also prevent...
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    Using Stepper Motors

    I have a fare bit of past experience in using Stepper Motors and I firmly believe that they have a place in Robotics and Control. The Picaxe 18M2 High Power Project Board goes part way to enabling this with its L293D bi-direction current driver on 'motors C and D'. However, little is said as to...
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    AXE132 Gets and displays GPS Lat Long from a GPS chip

    Apologies for being a little long winded: A number of years back, a PicAxe devotee published a project to link a GPS reciever to an AXE132 so that it displayed GPS Time. I had been using an Arduino to acquire not just GPS time but also date and its geographic position. I then decided to try...
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    GBX008 Stepper Motor

    The specifications for the GBX008 Stepper motor do not give any vital measurements for its shaft diameter. Also, can it be used with any of the wheels, gears and worm drives in the PICAXE Store. Any advice would be helpful.