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  1. marzan

    New jump design

    Hello everyone. I have been working on a project for years, and have changed the mechanical side of my idea several times, trying to get the simplest way of getting them working with the least amount of parts. I have gone back to the original idea of using stepper motors, because they are now...
  2. marzan

    Interrupt to non volatile memory

    Hello. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track here. I saw a post from a few years back by Jeremy Harris. He talked about being able to detect the high side of a voltage regulator to see if the power has been switched off. The pin it is polling is c.2 on a 14M2. what I am trying to do is...
  3. marzan

    Picaxe to picaxe communication

    Hello everyone. I have 2 linear threaded shafts that need to move in unison (or close to) to 6 pre defined positions. what I was thinking of doing is have one Picaxe acting as the master that decides what position they need to go to by sending a serial command to a second picaxe controlling the...
  4. marzan

    08m running out of bytes

    Hello. I have been working on a project to remotely adjust the height of agility poles. I now have some prototypes working. The motors that drive them are twin shaft motors. on one side there is a gearbox geared to turn a 10 turn pot which is used as a voltage divider. the other shaft is geared...
  5. marzan

    MAX14870 Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier

    Hello. I intend using 4 Polulu MAX14870 Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier boards to control gun turrets. I will be using a 28X2 chip and I am trying to work out how much current all the components are using. These boards use a pwm pin and a direction pin. I vaguely remember reading that...
  6. marzan

    Is Rev Ed having another black friday sale ?

    Is Rev Ed having another black friday sale ?
  7. marzan

    Something Dodgy ?? Cant be the real deal !! Marz.
  8. marzan

    Remote height adjuster

    Hello. I have a threaded rod with a geared motor attached. I want to send the nut to 4 positions. I was thinking of using ADC to check where the nut is by using a 10K 10 turn potentiometer, that will be geared accordingly, as the shaft needs to make 350 turns from position 1 to position 4. the...
  9. marzan

    Staple management

    Hello everyone. I am planning out a new project. I want to make a circuit that will check for 2 staples on a book as it is traveling along a chain. We have issues on a couple of older stitching (stapling) machines at work when people working on the back don`t see when a staple is missing. Newer...
  10. marzan

    PWM Fader

    Happy new year everyone !! I am converting a kids battery operated nightlight to fade out after a specified time. can anyone see where I have gone wrong in the following code. I am using an 08M2 symbol val = b0 symbol pwmPin = c.2 ;led array symbol led = c.1 ;standby led init...
  11. marzan

    Touch lamp circuit.

    Hi everyone. I have a floor lamp that uses a 200W halogen bulb and I am thinking of converting it to a few LED arrays. I want to power it with a 12v wall wart. it is metal so I was thinking of making it a touch lamp. When looking into using the touch sensor on an 08M2 I read that it dosen`t...
  12. marzan

    Pump timer

    I have a 12 volt pump to ump rainwater ant near mains pressure. Fortunately for me I purchase 2 of them as I have an issue. There is a microswitch that detects the pressure and cuts out the pump. When the irrigation system is being supplied with rainwater the pump cannot remain on and so...
  13. marzan

    Image size check

    Image size check
  14. marzan

    Rainwater tank controller

    Hi everyone. I am starting a new project. I want to build a controller for my rainwater tank. I`ll explain: Rainwater is hooked up to the toilet and the irrigation system. Pressure pump is 12 v 20lpm running from Lead acid batteries recharged by solar panels. I want the controller to: Limit...
  15. marzan

    tank circuit pic

    Checking size
  16. marzan

    37.9khz pulse

    Hello.I need to create a 37.9kHz pulse for a infrared beam sent to a infrared receiver. Is there a better way than using a 555 timer chip? I need to use 2 or 3 irLEDs to receivers 1 metre away. Thanks. Marz.
  17. marzan

    Txc1 & rxb1

    Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to communicate between picaxes using TXC1`s and RXB1`s without using holtek modulator/demodulator chips ? It`s not a complicated data transfer that I need. The reciever only has to get a single value between 1 and 3. If it is possible are there any...
  18. marzan

    Axe401 Caps

    Hello. Can anyone tell me if caps C1,C2,and C3 have to be 35V ? It`s just that I have heaps of 16v ones if they are suitable. Thanks. Marz.
  19. marzan

    Code woes

    Hello. I am trying to get a PCF8583 RTC to send data to an SAA1064. Here is the code: PAUSE 1000 i2cslave $A0, i2cslow, i2cbyte 'Initialize RTC writei2c 0,(%00000100) writei2c 8,(%00000010) ; alarm control registers and clock mode ;bit7 enable alarm...
  20. marzan

    RTC to OLED code issue

    Hi all. I am trying to get time from an RTC displayed on an oled using an axe133. The numbers jump from 9 to 16, so i guess its something to do with displaying hex. I am running this on a 28X2. symbol slvAddrWR = $A0 ' I2C write address MAIN: PAUSE 1000 i2cslave slvAddrWR, i2cslow...