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    Symbolic addresses for EEPROM (data) storage

    It would be very useful to be able to define labels a midst EEPROM/DATA statements to give symbolic reference to the start location of the data defined by that command. This would allow references to various data elements stored in EEPROM without explicitly having to count the previously...
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    Debug window and Terminal program problem, or can I use breakpoints?

    With a PicAXE 08M2 version 4A, I am unable to get both a Debug window and Terminal window to load. I wanted to use the terminal program to control stopping to examine the debug window, then send a char to serrxd to let the program continue on (sort of like breakpoints which I believe only work...
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    Why is "if pinC.0 = 1..." needed when high C.0 or sound C.0,(...) is acceptable?

    Why is "if pinC.0 = 1..." needed when high C.0 or sound C.0,(...) is acceptable? Is there any logic behind the need for "pin" in front of the port.number format that is used in "if pinC.0 = 1 ..." when it is not needed for statements like "high C.0" or "sound c.0,(...)"? The logic...
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    Scratchpad labels

    Is there any provision for labels to refer to locations within the scratchpad (20X2 particularly)? It would be nice to have a label to easily calculate the offset required to address particular parts of the scratchpad. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    08M leg 7 out 0 usage

    I am trying to output to leg 7 out 0. I can manipulate with high and low command, but cannot use pin0 as I would like to. Problem is using piezo speaker and wish to drive between two output pins to effectively increase voltage across the device. I have output on pin4 and wanted to use a command...
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    Internal pull-ups

    Could someone tell me briefly if there are internal pull-ups for input pins on the 08M and if yes, how to invoke them or are input pins always being pulled up?
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    voltage over V+ on input pin

    Does anyone know if it is adequate to clamp an input pin on an 08M to V+ with a 1N914 diode if the input to the pin will be up to 12V with a series current limiting resistor of say 1400 ohms. I.E. current limited to about 5 ma with v+ being 5v and input to current limiting resistor of 12v. Thus...
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    Powering down with brownout protection

    Is there any problem with allowing an 08M system power down with the brownout protection when letting the power drop to zero over a few seconds? I am looking at a circuit to power down after a period of inactivity to save batteries using a FET, but the decreasing voltage may take place over...
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    Timer interupt

    Using an 08M, is there any way to get an interupt (or equivalent) after a set amount of time? I need a sort of watchdog timer to interupt a process after several minutes of operation (non-critical timing). Perhaps something like being able to "peek" at the timer counter? I don't want...