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    A dirt cheap robot with 08M2

    More coming on this. I just got it working and made a picture and a video. I want to do an article on building this one, because it can be done with very little money. I finally got a way to use the new "08M2" which does not work with my Power PC Mac. I have an old, but nice enough Mac Intel...
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    Mr. Magoo, the Robot

    This is my first Picaxe robot, and my first robot of any kind since the 1970s. Things have changed a lot since then, mostly for the better. I think I will call it Mr. Magoo, because it does not always see things. You can see that in this video...
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    My first Picaxe robot

    Well, after a lot of reading and tinkering, and digging for parts so I don't have to buy any more than I really need, I came up with my first Picaxe robot. It uses a 20M2, and has 3 boards so far, the board with the 20M2 on it, the motor controller, and what you might call an "everything else"...