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  1. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    I guess the bottom line relates to how much power is dissipated inside the IC - from your figures up to .135 watts [.045a & 3 volt drop] - I'm staying with series resistors as well ;-0
  2. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    I was just wondering if the 5v supply might be a bit soft or current limiting - have you measured actual voltage/current on the PICAXE pins?
  3. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    @Ibenson what is the source impedance of the power source? [i.e. current capability]
  4. premelec

    2 picaxe 1 supply

    I've had good results using inexpensive step down converters... no heat sink needed... and don't forget that all V- points need to be joined together...
  5. premelec

    2 picaxe 1 supply

    when you say "same power supply" do you mean 24v or 5v ? If the 5v only goes to the 2 PICAXEs shouldn't be a problem - however the 24 LEDs current can add up and cause heating if running through the linear regulator with its voltage drop...
  6. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    @Hemi345 - that looks similar to what I've been using - just at higher price - there are units as low as $12 if you can deal with monocolor screen... The one 'complaint' I have is that I forget just how the multi function clicks work - not simple twist of knobs like on my old Heathkit CC CV...
  7. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    FWIW I use a module from Ebay that shows and regulates voltage and current - a step down regulator that I attached to an old HP 30V 2A switching power unit - the module I got was 30v 4 amp so can produce up to 12v 4 amps out - for example of the units I'm referring to: search DC32V/3A DPS3003...
  8. premelec

    5 volt regulated Supply

    Yes - have you ever seen pictures of the tiny wires that connect pins to chip? Like a 30ma fuse wire!
  9. premelec

    For sale.Cold fusion reactor.Home made.Not working.$2000 ONO

    @boriz... look up "superconductor" so far they are pretty darn cool :oops: At living temperatures a silver bar is as close as you are going to get...
  10. premelec

    New to PICAXE, looking for some advice on best practices.

    AND don't ever leave the input pin floating - resistor to V- or input circuit does the job...
  11. premelec

    New Member-New Project: 08M2 and the TLC5947

    Good work! Looks like you've got it tamed...I went to APA102s some years ago - easy drive to multicolor...
  12. premelec

    Back to square one. SOLVED

    I've used these units [used to be from Wulfden] - with good results. Don't know about burning the PICs but wonder where the burning code is available as freeware in case I would try it in future....
  13. premelec

    Read a voltage and scale it to 0-3.60 volts via D to A or PWM?

    I have worked with a variety of pots including ones that were sensing position. usually wire wound - some single turn with no stops and very small dead zone. That said perhaps a 3 turn pot could work well for you - you just work with 1/3 rotation total at 360 deg... I haven't looked at the...
  14. premelec

    Read a voltage and scale it to 0-3.60 volts via D to A or PWM?

    Could be time to consider optical encoder or code wheel instead of pot....
  15. premelec

    I don't understand diode ratings

    FWIW Linear Technology [part of Analog Devices] has a line of "ideal diode" ICs that can drive an external MOSFET to give way less power losses than Schotky diodes at high currents. They are a bit expensive and more complicated than a 2 lead diode but well worth using in many circumstances -...
  16. premelec

    I don't understand diode ratings

    The voltage is not so much relevant as the current which heats the diode junction - so use a higher current diode or in a pinch a few 1 amp units in parallel may work out... [though the current through them will not be balanced... though distributed]
  17. premelec

    Infrared motor control

    I haven't followed everything here... Rpar = (Ra*Rb)/(Ra+Rb) - and how is it you are measuring resistance of the motors [you say there are 3 all different]? it is easy to get errors in measuring small resistances... from connecting wires, test lead resistance etc... perhaps easiest route to...
  18. premelec

    Ebike problems

    Many years ago I had an electric motor with 2" diameter rough face drive wheel... and push button switch like you'd find on an old floor switch on the floor of a car [headlight or starter]. The motor was hinged from the handlebars when pushed down onto the front wheel it would drive the wheel by...
  19. premelec

    Long serial connection

    probably westaust55 document referred to in this thread for instance - I think he did several revisions
  20. premelec

    Pinout voltage change It's not a great DAC but perhaps sufficient for your purposes...