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    Any # produces syntax error

    Hi All For sum reason all the codes I am working on and passing syntax yesterday are not passing syntax today. The fail is occurring where their is a # present so any macro or define is failing I have not altered any settings in the editor and have not had any microsoft updates as the 28x2 is...
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    eeprom wear and tear

    Hi All Was having a read around some old posts and came across Buzbys post on the number of times that you can write and read to the internal eeprom. Does just reading from it of preloaded data have the same effect and wear it out regards john
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    macro not passing syntax

    Hi On a recient thread I posted Hippy wrote a macro for a word variable I have tried to represent it for use with just a single variable but it will not pass syntax. I have reread Hippys post on using macros but can not see why it will not work but the word one does PICAXE Macros symbol...
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    Seasonal greetings to one and all any nice stocking fillers out there for tinkering with in the new year regards john
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    same calculation diffrent results

    Hi folks I am experiancing some diffrence between the test program and the results of the programed picaxe 28x2 they both use the same calculation adapted from the original that Hippy helped me with. Both codes read the preloaded eeprom for the Air and leaf temperatues and obtain the correct SVP...
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    Hi All Just a quick one I have a 20x2 on a board I have made for it for a project I am playing with I make up my own breadboard adapters for the down load side of things when the adaptor is attached the board runs as expected, but when disconnected from the 3 header pins the board does not run...
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    Strange one

    Hi All was just having a play with Allycat code for reading a battery symbol CALVDD = 52429 ; 1024*1.024*1000/20 (DAC steps * Ref V / Resolution in mV) Vdd2dp: calibadc10 w1 ; Measure FVR (nominal 1.024 v) relative to Vdd (1024 steps) w2 = w1 / 2 + CALVDD ; Effectively...
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    handling data recieved

    Hi All I have knocked together a £3 ardiuno UNO on a bread board and sending 2 packets of data from a 28x2 to it. The uno is doing a bit of floating maths then sending back the result after converting it into intreger for the picaxe to deal with. Have knocked up a simple test code for the picaxe...
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    Is timeout in effect a pause

    Hi All In the serin command it says the following # The M2, X1 and X2 parts can take an optional timeout value and address at the start of the command. The timeout value, set in milliseconds, is the length of time the serin command will wait for a serial command to be detected. After the...
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    macro with lables

    Hi All Had another read of Hippys excillent work on explainig #macros and there use. Noticed using multiple lables in the macro but could not fathom out how to send serrxd info in the simulator so I had a think and came up with the following using 2 difrent lables 2 difrent variable and the...
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    DRF1276DM with HTU21D-F breakout board

    Hi All Have being having a play around with the drf1276dm and the adafruit htu21d-f breakout board to create a remote connection between 2- 28x2 The code for the htu21d is a rework of Phil Hornsbys htu21d demo.bas on the remote unit. The only problem I encounted with the drf1276dm was with the...
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    will #macro cause stack probs

    Hi All Working on the following code for a remote sensor unit link up to confirm 1 if the data between the two units is being sent correctly and 2 the sensors on the remote are working correctly. I have as the following code will show used a number selection to inact the sub routines in the...
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    serial terminal question

    Hi All using the following code to test a wireless link between 2 dorjo when i launch the terminal within editor I get strange values (72 or 85) the Hello is ok. Using the terminal set at 9600 N 8 1 when I use Cool Term the expected values are as expected linking the units with the "hello"...
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    hser recieving serial

    Hi All Have being playing around with the Dorji DRF1278DM with the intention of using it for a battery powered remote sensor unit I have the units talking to each other with the following using the 9600 braud rate high b.7 home: do serin A.0,T9600,b0 pause 450 sertxd(#b0," ") if...
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    $6C returns 1

    Hi All Just playing around with a bit of code to change the settings of Dorji DRF1278DM through the Picaxe For the pwer level and the CRC (CS) I found the HEX code in the Instructables LoRA 16 steps When I simulate it the HEX value $6C in the table reurns as 1 in variable b11 Is this correct...
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    simulating i2c

    Hi All I am trying to simulate the return actions of a 28X2 as a slave I am sendig 23,45,111 from the serial terminal simulator but I am recieving 95 and 104 respectivally not the 3 bytes I am expecting have altered the simulator settings to %xxxxxxx0 i2cfast, i2cbyte check box TH...
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    min max

    Hi All was having a look at phil hornsbeys code for setting up the htu21d and noticed that he uses the min limiting command (min, 1-1) do I take from this that the min ,0 can not be used but to obtain zero , 1-1 will deliver zero regards john
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    is this a disaster waiting to happen

    Hi All the following passes syintax but is it or will it confuse the chip later on select case b0 case=0 (do nothing left blank) case>0 high B.1 end select regards john
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    math problem

    Hi All is it possible with the picaxe to do the following eq 0.6108*exp(17.27*T/(T+237.3)) 1st part x/100*1st part result =2nd part - 1st part have tried removing the dec point then reaplying them but dont seem to be making any head way as the results from the first part are less than 1...
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    peek and poke timer

    Hi All was just having a play too see if I could make a simple on off timer with the minimum came up with using 1 variable and peek and poke it gives equal high low periods symbol cfon=8 symbol cfoff=9 in: dirsB=%11111111 b12=0 inti: poke cfon,0 poke cfoff,b12 main: do peek...