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  1. fernando_g

    Investigating low power consumption modes.

    I will be working on a project running from supercaps in the near future, and was looking at ways to minimize current consumption, for obvious reasons. I will write about this project later. Right now, I investigated the 14M2's current draw vs frequency, and in the sleep and disablebod modes. I...
  2. fernando_g

    Porting from original 20M software to a 20X or 20M2

    Looong time, I've posted in this forum. My PICAXE basic is somewhat rusted, so this may be a very simple question to some of you. What is required to port original 20M software to a modern 20X or 20M2? I've an old project which I accidentally damaged the 20M. I already have a 20X which could...
  3. fernando_g

    OT: World's largest battery in Australia

    I would love to hear comments from our down under friends about the following news: I had read a Silicon Chip editorial page where it had been complained the SA's government had relied way too much on renewables...
  4. fernando_g

    the dreaded W10 update has happened!

    And Paint is gone! I know, I we have Paint 3D. Call me a Luddite, but I liked Paint. Why could they not both coexist?
  5. fernando_g

    Programming a 3V3-powered PICAXE with an AXE027

    I am planning to build a Picaxe system which will be powered from a 3V3 supply. But like all my projects, I would like to maintain software upgrade capabilities. However, the AXE027 is a 5V-only device. I was planning to include a resistive divider for Serial In pin, and a Mosfet level...
  6. fernando_g

    Der sinnlose Zähler: a Picaxe powered, Dekatron and Nixie display, do-nothing box

    How to marry ancient display technology, namely Dekatrons, Nixies and neon lamps, to a Picaxe? When I was young, I built several idiot boxes employing neon lamps. Time to marry modern technology with ancient display technology
  7. fernando_g

    Picaxe temperature grade

    What is the Picaxe's temperature grade? Commercial 0 to +70C? I am planning to have an application that it is continuously at +60C. I know that I have margin, but had hoped to at least have industrial grade range.
  8. fernando_g

    Picaxe controlled Dekatron, Nixie and Neon lamps.

    The ultimate idiot box, what can I say. Chirping noise added for good measure. Its total nonsense and complete uselessness makes it fascinating to watch. The Picaxe generates random sequences which, via the proper interface circuits, drive the Dekatron, Nixie and neon lamps...
  9. fernando_g

    Finished: accurate powerline frequency meter

    A few weeks back, I opened up the following thread, asking how to measure powerline frequencies with a resolution of two decimals. This may seem fairly straightforward, and there are many ways to approach this...
  10. fernando_g

    28X2 odd but brilliant behavior.

    I was playing with a 28X2 had to run quite fast, and therefore I decided to use an external 8Mhz resonator and use the setfreq EM32 function. Upon debugging the circuit, I noticed that the code was running much slower. Long story short, I had failed to solder the resonator! Soldering it and...
  11. fernando_g

    Accurate powerline frequency meter.

    My problem: measure powerline frequency accurate to 2 decimals. If the frequency is 59.99 Hz, I want to know that much, and not round it off to 60 Hz. What I know: I will require an accurate and stable master timebase. No worries, mate. I have a +/- 1 ppm TCXO Straightforward but not very...
  12. fernando_g

    One of those "DUH!" moments.

    During the longest of times, on any program on which I have used a RTC clock, I have used a routine similar as follows to update the time on the RTC from the serial terminal: SERRXD mins, hours 'receive data in binary ' convert the binary to BCD hinibble = mins/10 *16 lonibble = mins//10...
  13. fernando_g

    FTDI breakout board

    This idea evolved from the fact that I've projects which its external wall-wart power supply already provides regulated 5v. To prevent connecting a 12v wall-wart into those projects, instead of the 2.5 or 2.1 mm circular receptacle, I use a mini USB instead. Avoids damage. In many of those...
  14. fernando_g

    Only a single simultaneous PWM value possible?

    I've noticed that if I setup a PWM value on a port, for instance C1: pwmout pwmdiv4, C.1, 199, 600 and immediately afterwards I follow with another command in a different port, same frequency but different % like so: pwmout pwmdiv4, C.2, 199, 550 Then, both ports assume the last PWM value...
  15. fernando_g

    Non-Collapsing byte display

    When I upgraded to PE6.08.10, I noticed something different in the code explorer section; Previously, all variables would be shown collapsed like so, and if one wanted to review individual bits, one would click the + sign. That would be the default. But now, the default when I open the...
  16. fernando_g

    tracking software revisions

    I'm preaching to the converted, so I know everyone here is aware of the utmost importance of properly tracking software revisions. On the source file itself, I like to add at the very top the revision level, along with the changes done on that revision. Simply done with a multi-line #REM...
  17. fernando_g

    logarithmic voltage

    I've found this wonderful little IC, Sharp's GA1A1S201WP logarithmic light sensor. There are breakout boards available, too. Its logarithmic voltage output means that it can cover a range from about 3 to 50,000 lux without a scale change. FYI, 50,000 lux is what I've measured in the south Texas...
  18. fernando_g

    Releasing a stuck I2C bus

    The I2C bus is so useful, and there are so many different available devices, that on each successive designs one starts to use more and more devices. As wonderful as it is, one should remember that the I2C bus was never intended for long distances or noisy environments. That doesn't preclude us...
  19. fernando_g

    Watchdog timer

    Now that the Picaxe devices no longer have a dedicated reset line......what would be the best way to implement a watchdog timer and voltage supervisory circuit? I've been thinking of a high side Mosfet toggling the Vdd line, but that doesn't seem a very elegant solution
  20. fernando_g

    The baud rate is fixed

    On manual 2, under the description for the sertxd command; there is the following sentence: The baud rate is fixed at 4800,n,8,1 However on the next paragraph, there are the following paragraphs: Increasing the clock speed increases the serial baud rate as shown below. 4MHz 8MHz 16MHz 32MHz...