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    2 picaxe 1 supply

    With the linear LM7805 type voltage regulators, much over 0.8 watts In losses/heat and you need a heat sink. Then the higher the power lost as heat (watts) The more heatsinking you need. if each PICAXE can have all 7 LEDs on at once then the total current is 7 * 20 + say 10 = 150 mA or 0.15...
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    pinsB in simulation

    Nominally outpins<port> is used on the left side of an equation to set the state (high or low) for each pin of the designated port. pins<port> when used on the right side of an equation reads the pins and returns the data into the variable on the left side of the equation. edit: see hippy...
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    For sale.Cold fusion reactor.Home made.Not working.$2000 ONO

    Voltage is represented by a capital ‘V’ Electromotive force ostensible by capital ‘E’ from ISO 1000 covering the Systeme Internationale, 1 units are lowercase unless named after named a person (Messers Volta, Ampere, Newton, Hertz, Tesla, etc) 2. There should always be a space between the...
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    PICAXE Editor v6.9

    Refer also/again to post 5 above on the current assembler capabilities/limitations. that 21X1 you mention is likely the 28X1
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    DS18B20 - marked as obsolete(!)

    Futurlec has the SOIC8 outline chip Newark has the TO92 format...
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    Listing order for bit, byte, and word variables in code

    It is recommended to use the SYMBOL statements to give meaningful names to you variables. Then use those names within your program. Then if you change “Trailmodetimer” to use W8 instead of W5 all instances are effectively changed at the same time by the Programming Editor (PE). If you use the...
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    PICAXE Editor v6.9

    Are you saying that you have the PICAXE Programming Editor V6.0.9.0 ? (Referred to typically as PE6). Note latest is. V6.1.0.0. while there has been indication previously that PE6 will include assembler capabilities, this feature has not been included in releases to date. It is not possible to...
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    Converting 14M2 picaxe to 28X2

    Looking at the photo at Post 24, the AXE029 breadboard programming adapter is not well seated, it seems to be skewed and pins may be partly out of the breadboard. Unless there is contact to ground, via resistance, for the SerialIn (programming) pin,then the PICAXE firmware will be awaiting a new...
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    Back to square one. SOLVED

    @chris, That is good news. Now try and start up without sending the ?G216 command. You should find that the LCD117 has saved that internally and you do not need to keep sending that same command unless you change the display format.[/B]
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    Back to square one. SOLVED

    The PHAnderson link I gave at post 8 has a link to the LCD117 Rev E source code and docs. You do need the CCC PIC-C compiler.
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    Back to square one. SOLVED

    Looking at the data sheet (page 2) that I provided a link to earlier, and as mentioned by IWP, the LCD117 does save the display “dimensions” so the ?Gxxx code should only be required once. Also from the PHAnderson website seems that the baud rate...
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    Back to square one. SOLVED

    IWP, Should that be that your LCD117 operates at 2400 baud (per the posted code using T2400_8) ?
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    Back to square one. SOLVED

    Instructions for the LCD117 driver board (original was LCD107 by PH Anderson) can be found here: The ?G216 is defining the display as a 2x16 characters And ?f is the instruction to clear the display. I would...
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    LC Display Dig 2R a 2 x 4digit 7segment Display

    No the Hi2cOut command is for i2c bus comms, whereas the 74HC164 chips are simple serial devices with data and clock lines. Hippy has earlier mentioned the HSPIout and the SHIFTOUT command which (from memory) is around 4 times faster than bit-bang methods for the same clock speed. NOTE: the...
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    LC Display Dig 2R a 2 x 4digit 7segment Display

    From the Banggood website and the markings shown there on the side of the 4-digit 7-segment display as "3461BS" this is a common anode type display. For the individual 3461BS displays, found from various sources the pinout as: A little bit of tracing of the circuit on the PCB by the OP...
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    LC Display Dig 2R a 2 x 4digit 7segment Display

    The displays could be configured as an 8 x 8 line matrix as hippy has suggested. alternatively based on some single 4-digit 7-segment (with dp) displays I have used they could be configured as: - all the like segments connected together (I.e. all 8 “a” segments together) with one shift...
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    Cheap I2C OLED display with 08M2

    At post 43 in the PE screenshot it suggests/indicates 20M2
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    Misprint in manual?

    The webpage here: Provides some information on use of letter codes as multipliers and for tolerances.
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    Cant view the picaxe manuals/website

    Access to the PICAXE website and manuals is available again now (9:44pm Western Australian time)
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    Cant view the picaxe manuals/website

    Yes the entire PICAXE website has been off line since Sun morning (Aust time). No announced maintenance that I am/was aware of.