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    Will the picaxe editor run on Linux?

    I downloaded Win10 from the Microsoftsite and when installed it on a new harddisk. I registered the program with my mailaccount at for free and it still works like a charme. I like to install from zero rather then to "upgrade" from a previous version. To get a free copy, click on...
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    Position sensing

    When I was a teenager (around the eighties), I divided the tracks in block with plastic rail connectors as was described in a book by Elektor. Each block had a sensingcircuit that signaled a central unit. In those days, it took a lot of TTL IC's and finally a communication with my Commodore. If...
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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    This was the approach I ended up with. And indeed multiplying with 500 gives more then 65535 (word). Ingelwood solved my stupid problem
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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    Thanks, it was really simple. For some reason (don't ask me why) I divided by 1023 instead of 10. I did it the right why earlier this week but the values where way of what was expected and started fooling with the code. Apparantly the poweradapter wasn't stable because it seems to work better...
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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    I would like to measure small voltages without the need of an OpAmp. I read that READADC10 has a resolution of 1023 bits and I calculated that 5Volt divided by 1023 is about 4,9mV. Whatever I tried, I could only display 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 volt. Is there any way to measure the smallest voltages and...
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    Ms Surface pro not programming

    It is not clear in the picture, but are your black wires on the left connected to the black wire of your power supply like I showed in the picture with a blue line?
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    A Darlington-pair isn't realy necessary. A transistor with a resistor works as well. Perhaps this article below would clear things out.
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    My Analogue inputs (Pots) have very fine range of adjustment.

    I could be wrong, but I think that you can not make a variable out of the outpinsB like you did with Symbol LedPort = outpinsB Since you see the correct values in the terminal, the potentiometers should work correctly. In your case routine, I would go this way and see if this resolves your...
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    Serial communications picaxe to picaxe IDE

    I want to read the contents of b0 till b5, or w0 till w3, and send them to the Picaxe IDE. (terminal window) I thought about this way. Sertxd ("word 1", b1, b0, CR, LF) Sertxd ("word 2", b3, b2, CR, LF) Sertxd ("word 3", b5, b4, CR, LF) Is there a more efficient way with, for example, @bptr...
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    Accelerometer help needed for A-Level project!

    I've read the datasheet and created a excel-sheet. Just insert 1 or 0 for bits D7 to D0 and the column VALUE presents the needed value to write to appropiate register. The datasheet (page 13) mentions that it is recommended to configure the device in standby mode and then set bit D3 of register...
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    Help with project

    @Tom_longden118 : with so many switches I started to think about the principle of a numeric keypad. Make an output high and look which pin (C.3, C.4, C.5 or C.6) becomes high. For example, if switch Joyleft is closed, an interrogation on line C.0 will result in a high signal on Picaxe input C.5...
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    Help with project

    You better use a ULN2803 instead of ULN2804. The 03 is made for 5V input, the 04 is made for 6 to 15V. I had some trouble in an earlier project by using ULN2804. Switched to ULN2803 and everything worked fine
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    Help with project

    The GND-symbol of the relay has to be +12V-symbol. My mistake. I'm trying to figure out how to reduce the number of used pins on the picaxe so you will be able to connect 6 switches
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    Help with project

    You're right, I'm only human 😊 It was just to show how to connect the ULN's, the motors and the MCU together. I was wondering if a few shiftregisters like 74HC595 and a SPI communication wouldn't be better to reduce the pincount on the Picaxe. I searched for IC's that drive multiple stepper...
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    Help with project

    This is what I meant with 3 stepper motors and 2 ULN2803. I drew a relay but you have to imagine that this is your electromagnet. As you can see, you will have a few pins too short on your picaxe 20m2 to connect 6 switches. At the bottom you see your voltage regulator with 12V input and 5V output.
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    Help with project

    160mA per coil. In that case you will be alright with 2 ULN 2803 for 3 steppermotors. You will have 4 outputs spare to activate up to 4 electromagnets.
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    Help with project

    If you use an ULN2803, you can hook up 2 steppermotors. This IC has 8 channels. In case the motors need more then 500mA, you coul tie together 2 neighbouring outputs together and tie together the 2 corresponding input pins. If you do it this way, you will need 3 ULN2803 like shown in the lower...
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    I2C devices - What's the preferred way to control multiple devices?

    I used to work with Arduino and did experience some communication problems when there were "too many" sensors and devices on the bus. Removing some resitors stabilised the communcation in my case. With my Arduino a total resistance between 4k7 and 10K turned out to be ideal. I don't know yet how...
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    Help with project

    You dont' have to worry about the voltages. The ULN2003 takes care of that. It "translates" a 5 volt input to whatever voltage (up to 50VDC) a connected load on the output of the ULN2003 needs. I just drew a little schema how it could look like. The PIC16F1829 is in fact the PICAXE20M2, but...
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    Measuring (M2) PICaxe Execution speed using NO additional hardware

    I did remember to change the addresses to suite the 20x2 ($CD, $CE, $CF) but forgot to mention it in my previous post.