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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    I would like to measure small voltages without the need of an OpAmp. I read that READADC10 has a resolution of 1023 bits and I calculated that 5Volt divided by 1023 is about 4,9mV. Whatever I tried, I could only display 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 volt. Is there any way to measure the smallest voltages and...
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    Serial communications picaxe to picaxe IDE

    I want to read the contents of b0 till b5, or w0 till w3, and send them to the Picaxe IDE. (terminal window) I thought about this way. Sertxd ("word 1", b1, b0, CR, LF) Sertxd ("word 2", b3, b2, CR, LF) Sertxd ("word 3", b5, b4, CR, LF) Is there a more efficient way with, for example, @bptr...
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    Interrupt on timer

    For my project I need to measure the 'bouncetime' of a relay. My plan is to use the PULSIN-command which generates a timeout when a pulse is too long (the relay stopped bouncing). I will use this occurence to read out a second timer, that was started along with the PULSIN, to calculate te...
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    Registers 20M2 20X2

    I stumbled upon PeekSFR and PokeSFR which can be very useful in some programs I want to write. The only problem is that I can't find a summary of registers, like timers, I could peek. Does someone have a registerlist of the 20M2 and 20x2