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    Better holding servo than Hitec 322?

    Have you thought about ganging up a couple of servos. Quite a common thing to do with large RC models. But you have to pay attention to getting the geometry exact or they can fight against each other a bit.
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    control a stopwatch via a picaxe

    @crazynight A couple of shots of our new flyball box & timer unit during construction. Box just needed rubber padding and triggers adjusting.
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    @crazynight, I did a flyball timing unit a couple of years ago. I had trouble with the LCD display transitioning between 99 to 0 if the interrupt occurred right at that instant. So I ended up just using an off the shelf stopwatch and used the picaxe to start / stop and reset the watch and run...
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    Olympic Opening Ceremony

    Wow! That was Sectacular. A credit to you Poms. How many picaxes were used there?
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    LED's or Optocouplers on 230v AC mains voltage...

    This is the DSE circuit I've used this at 50vAC no problems
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    Leg Bender

    Ta Da! The Trifecta! Still use them occasionally.
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    Diode ORing

    What is the best type of diode to use for ORing a few inputs to a 08M from several IR receivers, eg. Vishay TSOP2438 Type devices? Input pulse signal will be about 500us duration, but later when 18M is released, could be 50us. 1N914 (don't have any on hand) 1N4148 (I think these will be OK & I...
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    Spike on reset

    Sooo how can I minimise this glitch at reset? 18X using 4 NMH cells non saftey critical, but the spike is upsetting a downstream device. should the output be put through a darligton?
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    Quadrature encoders

    Anyone know where to get or how to make one? Has anyone got some seed code for me to start with. I need to count revolutions of the shaft (Not RPMs) but need to subtract from counter when shaft is reversed.
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    cut & paste

    Right clicking to get cut/paste menu no longer works and I have to use the edit tool bar which is a real pain. Is there a setting that needs to be altered?