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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS and the AXE133

    Damn I gave away my SKM53 thinking the Neo7-m would be better and also use less power . So decided to get another the new model is the same but marked SKM53T about $32au. I use to have software for the skylab GPS but could not find it luckily U-blox still has U-centre8.12(2014) on the web. now...
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    how to change GPS characters into numbers

    Hi mary rose, you may be interested at this code snippet just updated to work with a neo gps will rewrite post#1 when I get a chance
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    Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter

    What most people like about the ch340 USBserial to TTL modules , being a modern device plug them into Windows 10 and drivers load instantly ready for PE6 to use! The ch340g module you have also has a little brother ch340c(which should also suit your board) comes with a micro usb port cost me...
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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    two decimal places are usually enough for me but I guess a few more can be handy for calibrations sometimes #picaxe 18M2 #terminal 19200 SETFREQ M16 SYMBOL ADCvalue = W3 SYMBOL Volts = W4 Main: 'ReadADC10 C.0,ADCvalue ' ReadADC10 C.0,Volts ' IF ADCvalue = Volts THEN ConvertV '...
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    OLED AXE134 command (254,14) turns the cursor ON, but which command turns it OFF ?

    Hi Buzby, their are many ways to achieve what you want ,one way I like is to modify the driver code an example at post #21
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    Help with PushButtons on ADC input?

    Hi OLDmarty, perhaps have a look at this thread which is similar to what you have come up with so far
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS and the AXE133

    #no_data #terminal 38400 #picaxe 18m2 ' AXE133 marks ' DB7 = B.7 ' DB6 = B.6 ' DB5 = B.5 ' DB4 = B.4 ' DB3 = B.3 ' DB2 = B.2 ' DB1 = B.1 ' DB0 = B.0 SYMBOL Rx = C.5 SYMBOL E = C.6 SYMBOL RS = C.7 SYMBOL GPS = C.0 SETFREQ M32 'read GPS data at 9600 baud standard default dirsB = %11111111 dirsC =...
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS and the AXE133

    Years ago I bought a skylab SKM53 ,I haven't got arround too yet making that outside clock ,water controller ,pool timer or logger The data sheet says it has an internal battery and needs a supply capable of at least 150ma , with decoupling of atleast 10uF and 1uF and TXD0 with a recommended...
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    ADC10>pulsout and display pulse time

    symbol ADC10 =w9 adc10=1023 'test w1=adc10+1*5+2/4 '(ADC10 +1 x125 +50) w0=adc10+1*5+2//4*25 'steps 1.25 sertxd(#w1,".",#w0,13,10)'(1280.50)
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    O/T Using GPS to obtain UTC...

    Weather News Australia Y2K of GPS causes glitch grounding Bureau of Meteorology weather balloons Ben Collins, Wednesday April 10, 2019 Before automated weather balloons with GPS tracking, they were hand-launched and tracked by radar. - ABC A GPS clock rollover that experts predicted would have...
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    adc stability for volt meter

    Hi late voyager, you have just proven what hippy wrote at post #32 your board must also be fitted witha 10k pulldown resistor a 15k and 1k equates to a 16 to 1 ratio ie @10v should equal 10/16 =0.625v if a 10k resistor is in parallel with 1K this would become 909 ohms so 15k and 909ohms equates...
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    adc stability for volt meter

    Hi late voyager, as Allycat has hinted it looks like serout command is reseting the adc channel the voltage divider is the same ratio 16:1 as before perhaps try init: #picaxe 20M2 #terminal 4800 pause 200 symbol batt= w0 serout C.0,N2400,(254,1):pause 10 main: serout...
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    Parallel LCD with 20M2 C.x pins

    Hi Bryang, looks like your still having initialisation problems. the good thing I like about the 40x2 and the 18m2 they don't remap the port pins unlike the 20m2, I'm sure I've tried the code posted #15 before on a 20m2 perhaps the B port which maybe faster. I have a new bling 16x2 OLED I...
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    Parallel LCD with 20M2 C.x pins

    Hi Bryang, you are probably not allowing enough time for a previous command especially if your clearing a screen here's another example to try.(quick edit from code snippet I posted) #picaxe 20m2 ' 4Bit Using Alternative pins marks SYMBOL DB7 = outpinC.1 SYMBOL DB6 = outpinC.2 SYMBOL DB5...
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    code for reading a single i2c device

    Hi Benjie, as yourve already dicovered and hippy's quick at correcting things... I misread the datasheet quickly and was thinking adjacent bits MS5611-01BA address is 111011Cx, where C is the complementary value of the pin CSB. , but really the x bit means doesn't matter and if C bit is 1...
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    code for reading a single i2c device

    Hi Benjie, like others have said receiving 255,255,255 its not talking with the gy-63 module the ebay pics look like they have 2200 ohm pullups with level shifting so 3 or 5v should work it looks like PE6 wont except the low default address of %1110 1101 so try with CSB pin high hardware...
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Hi mushroom, I did post one for New Zealand as well, I didn't really think any one would want a combined one I deleted the previous code at post #10 and combined them .
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    DS1307 Code Examples

    Day Light Savings for Australia and New Zealand Program the DS1307 with standard time and date and it will Adjust to your DST and also display day. just change the symbol value AuNzDST at top of program. #picaxe 18m2 #terminal 38400 'marks SYMBOL AuNzDST =1 ' =1 for AuDST =0 for NzDST...
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    ds1307 Day Light Saving Adjustment for Aust.

    Hi mushroom, I remember doing one for aus before but could not find it,which is a pity as I always like to try and improve . the original used mixed AND and OR commands but it always takes me a while to relearn how to use this and test. So I've just used lots of AND lines in my adjust code,which...
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    AXE027 - Bain of my life

    i guess this is one of the annoying quirks of pe6. most of us just plug the usb device in any port before we open pe6 and we are good to go. if we start pe6 first then plug in our device we always have to refresh COM ports,using Workspace Explorer then we are usually good to go. But if we have...