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    Micromega now has a 64 bit FPU

    I saw the press release for the uM-FPU64 today. It has 64 and 32 bit floating point and integer math, foreground/background operations, local peripheral control - it can control I2C and SPI devices, 9 or 23 digital I/O pins (depending on the package), servo control, and lots of other "goodies"...
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    If you really really need a low power device

    You never know what may turn up on - this week included a microprocessor experimenter's kit for $4.30US, so I followed the link to see what the chip specs were. The 16 bit TI MSP430 series power requirements: 0.1-µA RAM retention 0.8-µA real-time clock mode 250-µA/MIPS active...
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    Anyone used the TMP102 I2C temperature sensor?

    Saw this on SparkFun A quick scan of the datasheet (link on the page above) shows specs similar to DS18B20, but the interface is I2C at 400kHz plus high speed: 3.4mHz. It works in uamps and gives the temperature in less than 50...
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    Problems with uM-FPU v 3.1

    This is my first time using the uM-FPU. I have an EM-406 GPS connected to SERIN of the uM-FPU and have adapted the GPSdemo.bas program from MicroMega to work (some of their original definitions are no longer available, such as SWAP, SIN, ATAN). The problem is the instability of the...
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    DipTrace library with 40X2?

    I looked through the libraries I have downloaded (thanks to all the people who contributed) but did not find a 40X2. Did I overlook it, is there a newer library (mine were downloaded sometime last year), or do I need to learn how to create my own components? Thanks, John
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    Rising water alarm - sump pump controller

    After the basement of our daughter's house was flooded because of a stopped up drain in an outside stairway, I used a PICAXE08M and a float switch to build a water alarm and pump controller. The pump controller proved to be overkill and was not installed, but the alarm has already saved the...
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    Fan controller for A/V cabinet

    When I installed an LCD TV in an A/V cabinet, it ran very hot. My solution was to have a PICAXE08M read the temperature with a DS18B20 and turn on a small fan. Details here: John
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    PICAXE reliabililty

    Last year, our daughter and son-in-law had their basement flooded because of a blocked drain at the bottom of the outside stairway to the basement. Seeing an opportunity to use a PICAXE, I built a device to monitor the water level near that drain. <A...
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    solar cells for PICAXE power

    Shipping may be prohibitive elsewhere, but those in the US may be interested in these 3 volt, 40 ma solar cells for $3.75US from All Electronics: <A href=',_60MM_X_60MM_X2MM_.html' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> Considering...