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    Tiny Collision Detector

    Thanks Hippy for making the code even simpler - logical of course! I didn't want Picaxe users to miss out on this tiny unit by making things too complicated. I have previously used careful language (to avoid a lawsuit maybe) when investigating the device. I posted the register map and my...
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    Tiny Collision Detector

    The HC-SR04 ultrasonic units are easy to program, requiring just a trigger pulse before timing the echo. But they can be difficult to hide in smaller models. Of course clever design can make one a feature – like Petoi’s Nybble: Another rangefinder is the tiny VL53LOX At only 25mm x 11mm...
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    erco-laser range finder

    Patience is a virtue and you guys have waited long enough (I hope). I took delivery of a couple of these breakout boards a while back and decided to have a crack at the code. European chip maker STMicroelectronics publishes no real detail or register map but you can download a zip file...
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    Barclays Bank ran a series of TV ads warning against online scams. Supercon - Defender of the Galaxy - was a £1.99 web special that would never be delivered. Looking good in CGI, it was always going to be hard to model in the real world. With massive forearms and a narrow waist it reminded me...
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    Gait Creation Using Excel

    Spreadsheet Gait Creation Picaxe.XLS zipped
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    Gait Creation Using Excel

    This is a tricky subject to put words around so let’s start with a diagram: This is a ‘stick figure’ representation of a robot hind leg. Perhaps a cat with thigh, shin and elongated foot controlled by three servo motors at the hip, knee and heel. If we know the three motor angles and the...
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    Scooter Boy

    Meet Scooter Boy. From the same stable as Hybrid Trotter but with the leg modules reversed for the human knee action. A block of two 55g servos drive the active leg, one 9g steers, and one 55g is packed into the torso with all the electronics. A 2S 1.0A Lipo is built into the footplate with...
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    Hybrid Trotter

    Summary This oddity is a spin off from a failed project to build a quadruped to run in the garden. Loosely styled on Spot from Boston Dynamics it used 55g servos. Unfortunately the quoted torque was not available in practice and the bot would not be able to carry the weight of 12 servos...
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    2.4GHz Radio Sniffer

    Constructed as a diagnostic for the radio tram project, this self-contained unit borrows ideas from the hacking community. NRF24L01 radio modules allow for automatic message checking and retransmission for up to six devices. The frequency hopping ISM spectrum splits out radio channels and you...
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    Model Trams Share Networks

    This posting describes a Picaxe 20X2 controlled model tram so why is it in the communications section? Because it is one of four functionally similar units that share a garden track network having two intelligent turnouts (points) and four buffer stops. The trams run unattended and have to...
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    9g Tai Chi Stepper

    9g Tai Chi Stepper Summary Inspired by Wallace & Gromit – The Wrong Trousers, this project was defined as the construction of a self powered bipedal walker using cheap 9g servos and applying the principles of Tai Chi. Actually a martial art, Tai Chi is practised here mainly as a healthy mind...
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    1.8 TFT SPI Display

    After Christmas I ordered via ebay a list of chinese made goodies no-one thought to give me as a present. One item was this full colour pixel display from hittime priced only £2.68 inc post and arriving within a fortnight. It is sold for the Arduino and has downloadable library files but not...