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    PICAXE module boards, tell me what you think.

    I designed this board for a friend of mine that has has whole lot of Arduino based robots that he had made and now his new boss wants him to use PICAXE instead. So as not to waste these robots this board will replace the Arduino with a 20M2 with an onboard CH340 serial chip. I told him about...
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    Electronics Help Needed Please (for a very special project)

    I might be late to the conversation but can I suggest using super-capacitors as the energy storage? When used at lower rated voltages they last a long time. They are also quite easy to charge.
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    My ( even simpler) stripboard shield

    This was built before I stumbled upon It is in essence a power supply and download circuit using a 3 point cable. It gives the typical access to the pins. The added "shield" is to experiment with LED multiplexing. I like stripboard.