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  1. erco

    Reading the Clock frequency / Peeksfr in simulator

    Silly question, why not store the frequency in a variable every time you change it?
  2. erco

    Download circuit difficulty

    Buzby is the bomb.
  3. erco

    Bipedal robot

    No, I got sidetracked and stored it. Maybe it's time to git her done!
  4. erco

    Diode Question

    IWP has a good point. Most standard silicon diodes will drop ~0.7V, depending on current. Using a schottky diode with a 0.3V drop is preferable. The main consideration on any diode selection is the forward...
  5. erco

    Picaxe 20x2 and Adafruit TCS34725 Color Sensor

    Our girls's inventor team did a great job on their presentation at MIT yesterday! I'm very proud of these young ladies. Jump to 58:00 in the video.
  6. erco

    Advice required re Bipolar Stepper motors

    Cool project, would love to see some sample output! I made this servo-based robot arm printer for Parallax's 2012 Expo using their BASIC Stamp 2, but I used a Picaxe to read a computer keyboard so kids could print their name on a "badge". And yes, I ignored the curvilinear distortion. :)
  7. erco

    Bipedal robot

    What a memory on you, Buzby! Also from 8 years ago. TARS from Interstellar. As Adam Savage said, the robots were the best part of the movie.
  8. erco

    Bipedal robot

    Very cool find, Gramps! Never seen this, thought it was new. But the video is 8 years old! Thanks for posting.
  9. erco

    pulse generator with Picaxe.

    2N7000 mosfet with Picaxe. Or 556 dual timer running directly on 9V.
  10. erco

    Is PE5 (finally) Dead and Buried ?

    Yeah, I'm leaning that way. Unless I can find a stash of Windows XP laptops before July! :)
  11. erco

    Is PE5 (finally) Dead and Buried ?

    Good to hear, I also remain an old school PE5 user. Old habits die hard. But I'm teaching some Picaxe summer classes and wondering if I should be teaching PE6 to first timers. Decisions, decisions!
  12. erco

    Making a block of code inactive like with this";"

    IWP=inglewoodpete, a well-known legend in these parts. :)
  13. erco

    Frequency to voltage conversion

    Or just grab a 1980s-era 9400 V-F/F-V converter chip! I love my old Radio Shack books by Forrest Mims.
  14. erco

    Optimization of Infrared Reception between IR Emission and IR Reception Sensors

    Ah, target shooting! I like it! Definitely house the transmitting LED in a flat black tube with a lens to collimate the beam. In doing so, you concentrate the IR energy and you can probably reduce its electrical power output to reduce bleed over.
  15. erco

    Optimization of Infrared Reception between IR Emission and IR Reception Sensors

    It's not clear what you are after. What's your goal? Are you making a fixed-position device? Is max range a consideration? You chose 56 khz to avoid interference from 38 khz devices? Pinholes are reducers, lenses are amplifiers. Strong IR reflects off walls and ceilings. Lots of experimenting...
  16. erco

    Picaxe 20x2 and Adafruit TCS34725 Color Sensor

    The all-girl students team made a pink 3D printed case and I put the guts inside, the unit works great. Picaxe FTW!
  17. erco

    Need to hire programming help

    I may be interested. I did the electronics in the prototype of O3's ozone garment sanitizer during Covid. Pretty cool freelance project. Garment Sanitization | O3 Technologies Inc
  18. erco

    Optimization of Infrared Reception between IR Emission and IR Reception Sensors

    Lenses on both ends can dramatically enhance reception.