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  1. radiosparks

    Line/magnet follower

    Looks very much like the Miniatur Wunderland (Hamburg, Germany) Car System. They use magnet to steer the car by following a steel wire embedded in the road surface. The cars are sophisticated, having working head and brake lights, turn signals. See the link how this system works. Miniatur...
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    Is PE5 (finally) Dead and Buried ?

    PE5 is alive and well. Works great on a ACER ASPIRE ONE 32bit Netbook running ATOM N270 XP SP3 2GB RAM 500GB SSD. I have original CD. I've compressed the CD to a zip and uploaded to the Netbook. (the laptop has no CD drive) Thanks for the update link, nice to know.
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    Simplified Morse Code ID/Beacon Generator 08M2

    While this was not the original intent, here is the updated code as per Hippy's suggestion. The former code was design to fit an old 08M and was used in a QRP beacon transmitter. The real project is CAT (Computer Aided Tuning) control of an Amateur Radio transceiver. I needed the EEPROM space...
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    Simple tool to change images into byte arrays for OLED displays

    I just tried different image formats. WEBP, JPG, GIF and PNG. All different scales. My browser is Firefox Developer 127.0b8 (64-bit) You need to know which OLED processor you have, I'm using SSD1306 & SSD1315. The software setup will determine the bit orientation or draw mode of the display...
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    PICAXE microcontrollers for sale on ebay (NOS from past authorized dealer)

    I have friends in the Haliburton Highlands. Never knew about you. Always looking for PICAXE at low savings. I'll check it out. Quantity of 10 a bit much for me (senior citizen ya know 8) ,half would be great.
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    Making a block of code inactive like with this";"

    That's why I couldn't find the acronym. THANKS. I got to hang out here more often.
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    Making a block of code inactive like with this";"

    IWP ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - I must be getting old.
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    [RESOLU] PICAXE Syntax - First Use

    Here's my initial view of your code - My 2 cents worth. Google helped with the translation. First Issue - Program line LABELS - Labels cannot start with a number - "QUOTE from MANUAL Labels can be any word (that is not already a reserved keyword) and may contain digits and the underscore...
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    Microcontroller GO Box

    Our local library branch has a MakerSpace with 3D printers, Paper cutter, Button maker and coming soon, a Laser cutter/engraver. The MakerSpace is a do-it-yourself studio where everyone can discover high-tech to low-tech tools and technology to design and build projects. Every other Saturday...
  10. radiosparks

    Hippy Version 3.0

    I worked only a year longer before I hung-up the apron (IT 30+). Even years later I'm still called for solutions to system problems. I'm only a newbie here using these great little chips, but I've always liked your code snippets and comments. Good Luck and the best of health in the coming...
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    Best way to generate an accurate 1Hz signal?

    Thanks for the link to Universal-solder. I didn't know about them and only a 6 hour drive from home, 8)
  12. radiosparks

    Best way to generate an accurate 1Hz signal?

    Be careful using this module. Mine came with a CR2032, not the rechargeable one. I just moved this resistor (201) to disable the charging circuit.
  13. radiosparks

    DS18B20 Does readtemp12 set configuration register to 12bit?

    I've been given a hand full of these (DS18B20) temperature sensors. They are known to be counterfeit. During testing with readtemp12 they are all resolving 11BITs or a step of 0.125. This could mean the EEPROM has been set or the configuration register cannot be written to. I've probably...
  14. radiosparks

    Simulating macros

    I have the same issue with macros. My only solution, was to make it a regular subroutine to debug. Another thing with macros is they can use up a lot of memory, so I try to keep them short and to the point.
  15. radiosparks

    PICAXE 08M2 via I2C PCF8574 8-Bit I/O Port Expander driving a 20x4 LCD

    This is a DEMO of a PICAXE 08M2 using a PCF8574 I2C 8-Bit I/O Port Expander driving a standard 20x4 Blue LCD display. This code is part of a library that will be used for a future build (or re-build) of a QRSS transmitter. The transmitter frequency will be created from a SI5351 I2C configurable...
  16. radiosparks

    Simplified Morse Code ID/Beacon Generator 08M2

    #REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PICAXE-08M2 Simplified Morse Code Generator - rhb.20230913 NOTE: Only alpha and numerals are used in this demonstration. Other characters included are commented out. This was to made to...
  17. radiosparks

    Simplified Morse Code ID/Beacon Generator 08M2

    The ease at which to program the PICAXE is truly astounding. I thought a Morse code generator would be a “NO BRAINER” but was caught off guard. There are so many different ways to create this type of code. Most programs need the user to map the ASCII to a binary code to create the data...
  18. radiosparks

    Simple IR (Infrared) Receiver Serial Keypad 08M2

    Purpose: Use the IR remote to enter a number from 1 to 65535. Data to be sent via the Sertxd to a terminal. Originally, this code was written to command a vintage Kenwood TS-680S radio to QSY (change to another frequency). I only needed to be within a kHz from 500 to 53999. Numbers...
  19. radiosparks

    PICAXE-08M2 DAC sample rate

    DUH!, I must have missed something, somewhere. I just realized that you can nest #define, cool. Sorry for being a bit slow. :geek:
  20. radiosparks

    Development Board AXE091 full Schematic

    THANKS for schematics! This old thread still useful. I was really wanting the AXE091. There is one supplier in this side of the pond, but had to be put on a waiting list. Guess what I found at a local HAMFEST! A complete AXE091 PICAXE Experimenter Kit (SERIAL), yup! DB9...