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    Using 20x2 with DS18B20 @ 64 Mhz Question

    Hi, My situation: I want to use a 20X2 at 64Mhz to control a fan with PWM, depending on the temperature (by reading the DS18B20). I also want to do some other things, but those are irrelevant. Does anyone know if it is possible to read the DS18B20 temperature sensor using the 20x2 at 64Mhz...
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    Hi All, I completed a project using a Graphic LCD (blue) a PIC 18F2525 and a PICAXE 18X. The 18F2525 is put on a PCB which controls the GLCD. The PICAXE 18X is used to collect data which is send via two wires to the Graphic display. I measure Volts, Amps, Watts (Forward) temperature and last...
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    How to make Picaxe interface via VB

    Hi, I want to make a interface to my picaxe. I have Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and NetCommOCX. Does anyone have any working code snippets to help? My Basic: main: SERTXD ("Hello") pause 500 goto main My Visual Basic (derived from Tarzan's): Private Sub...
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    Temprature Min / Max Problem

    - I had a problem, but I fixed it, so its ok.
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    Crashy Picaxe Software

    I posted this thread a month ago and has not been resolved.
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    Theme Park

    Hi, I have a school project to do: Make a model themepark. I have for use: - 40X1 - 28/40 Pin Project Board - 24LC256 Eeprom - Piezo buzzer - Regulated power supply - DS1307 Clock IC with lithium battery - LCD (4X20 Blue Backlit LCD #118 from - DS18B20 - HIH-4000 Honeywell...
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    Picaxe program software error!

    The picaxe software stops responding. I use: Intel Dual Core CPU 6600 @ 2.4 GHZ Kingston 1GB DDR2 @ 677 Mhz * 2 Seagate Barracuda 160GB (SATA2) Asus Commando Motherboard Windows XP SP2 with all updates 2 Serial Ports, 10 USB 2.0. Picaxe Programming editor 5.15 A "pause & stop responding"...
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    Picaxe organiser

    So far, I have made a picaxe organizer with Notepad, timer and temperature features. I am using: - 4 x 20 Blue backlit LCD display (LCD #118) - 40X1 - 24LC256 EEPROM - 1 (2 in future) DS18B20 Temprature sensor - USB Keyboard - Piezo Buzzer - 16 Mhz Resonator - NEW - DS1307 (Not...