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    Picaxe serial servo controller solved

    I fought with the blocking serin problem for a long time for servo controllers. Finally there is a simple solution for making a picaxe based serial servo controller.(08m in this case) Use an interrupt and trigger the interrupt from your serial source as part of the stream. This idea is really...
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    Best way to interface to a 27 Mhz Remote

    Help! I want to use a picaxe 08M to create a serial interface from the PC to a 27Mhz remote control. There are 6 inputs on the remote, 4 analog and two digital. There is a microprocessor on the remote that takes the 6 inputs and creates the appropriate 27Mhz pulse encoding (I haven't been...
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    Picaxe Controlled RC Car

    A picaxe 014M is used to provide a serial interface to a simple RC car transmitter. A ULN2803 is used to trigger each of the channels on the transmitter. (Pulling the appropriate line on the transmitter to low starts a transmission pulse. That operation continues until that line goes high.)...
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    Picaxe 08M line following walker

    Here is a quickie that I built about a year ago. This is Legbot. I wanted to stick to the constraint of using a single 08M! Details and code are posted at:
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    IRout at other then 38Khz

    infrain and infraout are dandy if you have a 38Khz remote and use the sony protocol. In fact in the US the 99 cents only chain sells universal remotes that can be programmed to the sony standard for 99 cents. These work great with the picaxe. However, I have a device (A Wowee Robosapien) that...
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    28X1 via SPI to SD card

    Since I just got the 28X1 parts I thought I would try to interface an SD card to the 28X1 via the new SPI commands. I don't have anything working yet, but I thought I would post my thoughts and look for suggestions. I put the card in a socket and powered it. I hooked up the clk, spin and spo...
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    14M DOA with 5.1.1

    I just received my 14Ms in the mail yesterday. (In the US) I updated the programming editor to 5.0.8 then to 5.1.1. I built the standard interfacing circuit and tested it with an 08M. Pulled the 08M out and put a 014M in. Changed the device mode to 14M. Test the firmware and get...
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    memsic i2c accelerometer trouble

    Memsic has a relatively new dual axis accelerometer 6202 with an i2C interface. It is available in single quantities very inexpensively. It is also available on a carrier board from I have had good luck getting it to work with the BS2p, but have been fighting with making it work...