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    Flashing Police Lights and Siren - beginner project for 08M2

    Hi Everyone, I haven't quite thought of anything USEFUL yet to do with my Picaxe, so I'm just having a little fun. This is my second attempt at programming the 08M2. It's flashing blue and red police lights and a siren. An all too common sight in the low-rent district I live in! ' Flashing...
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    LED light display - simple beginner project for 08M2

    Hi Everyone, This is my first attempt at programming the Picaxe 08M2. Okay, really it's my second - I had to try out the 'tune' command first! It might be a fun circuit for kids or beginners. ' Light display for a string of 8 red LEDs for 08M2 'connect led1 and 8 in series thru a 330 ohm...