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    Getting Data from Adafruit Ultimate GPS V3 onto 28x2 Picaxe

    Hi ChrisN141, for some ideas perhaps look at SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133 | PICAXE Forum to convert using a high word try knots to mph *2**37709 knots to kmph *2**60687
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    quick question on letpins and simulator

    erco beat me main: dirsb=%11111111 ' set portb pins as outputs pinsb=%11111110 SERTXD (CR, LF, #pinsb) pause 1000 b0=pinsb : SERTXD (" %",#bit7,#bit6,#bit5,#bit4,#bit3,#bit2,#bit1,#bit0) let pinsb=%00000000 SERTXD (" ",#pinsb) pause 1000 goto main
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    Getting Data from Adafruit Ultimate GPS V3 onto 28x2 Picaxe

    Hi ChrisN141, I guess the first step is to try if can receive data ok. This program should sertxd your gprmc sentence from the picaxe. At the end the checksum is displayed in decimal it is usually hex the conversion is required to check that it is correct. You can also check what the actual...
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    My Pot Position LED patterns not quite right ????

    Hi OLDmarty position 0 plus position 20 = 21 so (21 x 65536 / 255 ) = 5397 so try Pot_Position=Pot_Position **5397
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    Adding a DS18B20 to axe132 board

    now some code to test ... will display Celsius temperature with minimum and maximum cycling evry 15secs on line 2 of an OLED display. If switch is pressed on release will swap to Fahrenheit . If switch is held it will eventually display (reset) release min/max will start again. #picaxe 18m2...
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    Adding a DS18B20 to axe132 board

    C.2 o _ _______ V + / \ / \ GND o o o o o o o o AXE132 unused pads showing existing onboard links. 1 \______________/ 8 For an upcoming project I wanted to add a ds18b20 but also...
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    Supplied drivers do not work with many Windows 11 machines

    pid 6001 always self updated on my windows 10 pc so it may depend on which version you have. pid bd90 is now supported I just tried a w10 pc plugged the axe027 and the drivers updated to the latest version if I didnt look in device manager I would have never known.
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    Supplied drivers do not work with many Windows 11 machines

    Just newly installed w11pro on my newish home PC🙃 loaded PE which hasn't changed. all ok! tried ch340g serial loads quickly and seamlessly. Thought I'd try the picaxe027 cable looking at Device Manager using the PE editor. It didn't appear at first but soon seamlessly self-installed...
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    Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter

    Hi NigelT, I myself like the idea of having a project completely isolated. from anything I connect like a pc or a laptop which can be pricey these days. The actual optoisolator used is a SFH610A-2 the transfer ratio can vary between models. It happened to be some I had, so the resistor values...
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    PICAXE 014M and LCD AXE133Y

    For some 4.5v supply is too low to drive the logic controller of the LCD it Vary's slightly with temperature which may explain why it works sometimes. A 5.0v regulated supply is typically recommended.
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    Determine resistor value

    Hi regpye, Its common to terminate an ADCpin with a 10K ohm resistor to ground. so R2 is always 10K usually each position will switch its own series resistor from V+ picaxe supply to the common adcpin. sw.pos ADCvalue nearestR1 1 150 56K 2 250...
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    PICAXE module boards, tell me what you think.

    hi harolds1956, I just finished making a new project board easy to plug in a 8m2 14m2 20m2 20x2 at the moment only power is conected to the top two socket pins the required serin pulldown 15k is on the optoboard if i need to test a 18m2 i can just drop down a slot and carefully connect to the...
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    LCD initialising problem

    hi mickm2au, I just finished making a new project board. I have a 14m2 so writing some code for a lcd will be a good test for it! It's a pity the 14m2 remaps its ports it could have been a little quicker. a sneaky rewrite of initialization so we don't need to include some pauses. from memory...
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    Error Installing Drivers

    probably the best solution to change the pid as suggested by kfjl back in post#11 I've avoided reprograming my cable in the past as I have never needed to do so. If you have your axe027 working on the desktop its quite easy to change the pid using the REV Ed programing tool AXE027 Programming...
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    Error Installing Drivers

    Hi j.mayer sorry to see you're not having much joy! looking at the events log may help unfortunately, i can only show a successful one. looks like the surface pro may have device security preventing successful install. Fix Error Code 39 On Microsoft Surface 7 or Surface 3 While Installing...
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    Error Installing Drivers

    Hi j.mayer it still seems to me you may have only completed part 1. from #10 once it appears under- Universal Serial Bus controllers -section thats part 1 complete. part 2 It also then appears under- Other devices -again as ! USB serialport right click on this and update driver select browse...
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    Error Installing Drivers

    you usually get (Code 39) when the driver not yet installed. you can also access device manager within the pe6 editor. try (Update Driver) again select locate and install driver manually browse in this location C:\Program Files (x86) it may need to be done twice first step usually just...
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    Understanding 20X2 interrupts

    Hi micrometal, that is proberly correct The setint command causes a polled interrupt on a certain input pin conditions. This can be a combination of pins on the default input port The default condition is a logical AND of the selected input pins. try setintflags OR %00000110, %00000110
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    RFID 125Khz serial TTL- 232 Level Module (Engraved Tag Number Calculation)

    Hi jackberg perhaps code here will get you going. RDM630 125khz RFID Card Reader CODE EXAMPLE | PICAXE Forum
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    lcd question with 18m2

    Hi Klaasje, you probaly will require at least a 200uf cap to hold up your oled 1602 display it can be trickly to save variables with the supply collapsing I assumed you are using a 5v regulated supply a better method may be to seperate the supply to the 18m2 with a diode and its own decouplin...