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    Simple tool to change images into byte arrays for OLED displays

    Only just seen this ^^^ Duly noted … I think it could be useful, thanks MichaelG.
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    Is PICAXE support for Mac officially dead?

    Having moved onto ‘Apple Silicon’ [M1 Mac mini] and wishing to rekindle my interest in PicAxe … I was disappointed to read this thread … but I decided to move with the times, and try the Blockly Cloud using the iPad. The screens seem to work, but the three video tutorials all fail to load, and...
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    Picaxe cnc

    Greetings, As a new member of the forum, I do hope this is not "old news" I have found an excellent project, by a Czech AeroModeller: He has converted a small Proxxon Milling Machine to CNC. There is nothing particularly unusual in that; BUT he is driving the whole machine from a PICAXE and a...