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    Global search and replace?

    Hi again It was about a year and half since i was here, but probably i will do small projects with PICAXE now and then. I was half finished with a large flexible "multitasking" structure and now intend to finish it. I remember i asked and there was some answer about having the search and...
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    Syntax error points out wrong line

    You have probably seen this already, but anyway. PE6.0.6.4 and earlier often points out the line a few lines above the actual line. It is very confusing when lines are very like each other and contain symbols and defines...
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    Terminal problems / fix / sertxd documentation suggestion

    PE6.0.6.4 1) using the #terminal directive, and terminal initially closed, picaxe start before terminal = output lost It works on second and consecutive downloads. I guess a fix could be that PE launch the terminal first (so it is like during following downloads), then download. 2) After...
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    PE6 code explorer variables tab: hex, please

    The variables are now displayed in decimal, binary, ASCII. I would have use for hexadecimal too. If you think it would be too many columns, an idea is that by clicking a coloumn heading, it cycles bin/hex/dec/ASCII.
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    I suggest a new subforum: useful knowledge

    (or something like that) As examples to what can be put there I recently saw references to documents on servos, and PICAXE speed andsize optimisation. In the same group where there the subforum "Useful code snippets" is.
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    Control servos while running at full CPU speed

    If you need full cpu speed, and want to control 4 servos or less directly from PICAXE, here is how to do it. Tested OK on all M2 and X2 series. It can be improved on, see FIXME inside, ideas are welcome :)
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    I find servo signals from M2 chips pins B.3 and B.4 are jerky...?!

    Screenshot of double pulse on B.4 on 20M2 using last program above. This problem is far from critical as it can be workaround easily in most cases, apparently. (and in most practical uses do not shop up) But it is "interesting" :) Basically: WORKAROUND: if you find servos jerk regularly on...
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    I find servo signals from M2 chips pins B.3 and B.4 are jerky...?!

    Logic analyser screenshots channel number = portB bit number. This is from scenario of dirsC line commented out. At a fixed frequency of about 80 times per minute the signal B.3 finished the pulse in right time, but microseconds later it give an extra pulse for a short time. Concurrently, B4...
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    I find servo signals from M2 chips pins B.3 and B.4 are jerky...?!

    EDIT: workaround below in #8 /EDIT This is true even for very simple programs, even when this is the whole program: servo B.0, 150 servo B.1, 150 servo B.2, 150 servo B.3, 150 ; This one and servo B.4, 150 ; this one. servo B.5, 150 servo B.6, 150 servo B.7, 150 do loop Swapping a 20M2 to 20X2...
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    Curiously i wonder: when is next version due?

    (want to search & replace in many files) /Morgan
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    What timers and other hardware are fully availabe using peeksfr, pokesfr etc?

    I want to have full control of a timer that can do pulse width measurement. Such as the timer 1/3/5 in 28X2 / 40X2 See page 163 : " 12.0 TIMER1/3/5 MODULE WITH GATE CONTROL " I guess PICAXE timer 3 is PIC timer 3, right? Is any other...
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    Is there / will there be a method to ease RAM allocation?

    It is tedious and error prone to edit defines for tens of variables, when some need to be shifted an adress or two up or down, i.e for modular program. I remember twenty years ago in an assembler i could just do something like #origin RAM + 4 ;point at beginning of RAM + 4 bytes...
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    How to find and find/replace in all .bas & .basinc fies in one operation?

    I am nearing 20 include files...
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    #region line and other connection lines overlaps...

    I have divided a file completely in region parts. - It is very nifty to easily fold defined sections :) Makes easier to navigate when i only unfold what i want to see. However it destroys the immediate visibility of other related commands like +- If | | '- endif as the vertical line for...
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    Preprocessor Request: #macroundef and or make macros redefineable

    I like modular programming, and PE6 make now it easier on PIXAXE, i can #include the modules i want. Macros are also a long wanted addition. :) To automate things i would like the modules I include to add themselves to callers. My idea is that the caller code is a macro ending with an on-goto...
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    GUI request: make possible to disable panel hide/show animation

    ...Because it is very sluggish on my comuter, disturbing the thinking and work flow. (plus, i admit, it disturbs me also, that such small detial disturbs me ;) ) (running in XP single CPU on Virtualbox on a dual 2GHz CPU laptop) Besides from that and a couple ideas i will open in new threads...
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    Hi, I am new here :) about LCD, hserin, serout/serin baudrate, and optimisation

    In case anyone is interested, here is the proogram. Depending on a pin level, it blinks or twinkles (very different speed) a bunch of LED. Very nice effect on white leds. Connection etc are described in the program. Updated syntax, UTF8 encoding, Unix linefeeds, PE
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    Hi, I am new here :) about LCD, hserin, serout/serin baudrate, and optimisation

    Hi there My name is Morgan Leijström I will probably both need help as I am new to picaxe, and probably i can also give help as i was programming PICs in assembly fifteen years ago, have been designing and servicing automation hardware for 30 years, and currently program PLCs and design circuit...