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    A model broomstick driver

    One of my pastimes is working on and exhibiting my model railway "Angst-Lesspork", which is a tribute to the Discworld books of the late Sir Terry Pratchett. The witch on her on her broomstick going up and down is always a crowd-pleaser. However up to date, it relies on the operator having a...
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    Servo twitching question

    Hello. I am investigating using a servo, and I have breadboarded a simple circuit on the AX091 development board. I have programmed a 08M2 so that depending on a couple of switches the servo drives to one position and stays there, or drives to another and stays there. Unfortunately, the servo...
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    Odd look to forum

    I can't find where else to post a query about this forum, but occasionally when I access the forum. it appears like the attached photo I am using Firefox 41.0.2 on W7/64bit. This problem has occurred in the past as well. At the moment the forum appears on my machine as it should
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    A PWM train controller with H-bridge output

    A model train controller using pulse-width modulation for speed control and an H-bridge output to control direction Following a discussion on the ngrm-online forum, I decided to look at modifying my picAXE-based pwm train controller so that the picAXE controls the direction as well as the...
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    A Pulse-width modulation controller for a model railway

    I thought I should post my first picAXE project here. I had thought for a long time about a fully-digital train controller, but was put off by the large number of discrete logic chips needed, until someone suggested using a picAXE. The device uses a rotary encoder as the input (the control...
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    Query regarding paralle tasks and kbin

    Just a little update on the semaphore tower: The arms are now installed, Here is a short video clip. Once again, please ignore the date/time stamp
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    Query regarding paralle tasks and kbin

    Hello, I'm on my second project using these devices. I have a circuit that takes ps/2 keyboard input and drives a small two-arm semaphore. Currently, it has to wait until one character has been displayed before it will accept another keypress, as the manual says that processing stops while the...