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    End of Life Policy

    Hi, Is there an end of life policy publicly available for PICAXE products? Thanks.
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    PWM and the poke command

    Hi all, I have the code below which configures 3 pwm pins to seperately output 1200, 1000, 830 Hz pulses. The only way I could get this to work was to use the Poke command. These PWM outputs are pulsed on and off and it appears I need to send the Poke command everytime I pulse? Is this correct...
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    28x2 Pwm

    I need to generate 3 seperate frequencies all with the same duty cycle (50%), I have been playing with a 28X2 but haven't been able to acheive this (it didn't help that I was sent an old 28X2 5V version), so i have been reading the forums and manuals and was hoping someone could clarify my...
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    20X2, SPI and Voice Chip

    Hi All, I would like to use a 20X2 chip to control a voice record and playback chip, specifically an ISD15100 via SPI. Being a novice with communications I was hoping for some clarity before I delve into detail. As I understand it, when I send a command byte to the ISD15100, during the...
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    20X2 and starter kit

    Hi all, Can the 20X2 chip be programmed using the AXE090 starter kit? If not, can the AXE091 kit do it? The blurb on the PICAXE site says that both will accomodate any PICAXE chip but the AXE090 doesn't seem to have a 20 pin socket. Thanks.
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    Siren Sound

    Hi All, I need to use a picaxe 18X to drive an amplifier that inturn feeds a horn. I would like the output sound to resemble a police siren or a simple frequency ramp up and down(from say 100Hz to 1000Hz to 100Hz and repeat) depending on input status. The result of the latter is an effort to...
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    SPE030 using external speaker

    Hi all, I would like to use the SPE030 voice synthesisor module but want it to feed into a much larger amplifier so that I can broadcast the messages over a PA system. Is it possible to tap into the audio output channel somehow? Thanks.
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    Easy way of detecting state change

    Hi all, Apart from using memory variables, is there an easy way (inbuilt function) of determining whether the state of an input pin has toggled. I am mainly using the 08M. Many thanks
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    Sound command vs pwmout

    Hi, I have been using the sound command to generate a tone at 1kHz to drive a speaker via an amp. The command is: sound 3, (116 ,250). If you refer to my previous post yesterday I now want to try and get a 1kHz continuous tone so have used the pwmout command with a de-clocked processor at...
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    Changing PIC clock speed

    Hi All, I want to generate a 1kHz continuous output with an 18X on pin 3. In the past when I have done this I have used the pwmout command and a poke $8f, %01000000 command to slow the clock speed so I can acheive the correct frequency. Now I would like to add other tones which are better...
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    Sound command

    Hi All, I am wanting to try and use the sound command to emit sounds at prescribed frequencies. Can anyone provide a table or formula or the like so that I can determine output frequency from the "note" input parameter of the function. Many thanks.
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    1kHz, 50% duty with!

    Hi all, I need to make an 08m output a 1kHz square wave with a 50% duty cycle. I have looked at the pwmout function and tried to use the wizard in the programming software, but it tells me "value outside range". Any help on how to achieve this signal is greatly appreciated.
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    Stangest thing

    Hi all, I have the wierdest thing happening with a vary simple circuit that uses a 08M. The circuit is mains powered so I have a 1.5VA 230-24V transformer, full bridge rectifier and 1000uF smoothing cap feeding a LM7805 voltage regulator which powers the 08M. The 08M is programmed to pulse an...
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    Pin Reading High on Disconnect

    Hi, I have an issue with an 08m where if I disconnect a wire from the breadboard to input pin 2 of the chip, it seems to register that the pin has gone high. This wire is connected to a push switch which is connected to Vcc. When the wire is connected to the switch it works perfectely, but if...