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    Axepad not working on Linux Mint

    It looks like you're not in the right directory. Try opening the directory where you put LinAXEpad then right-click on an empty space in the directory window. In the pop-up menu, select "Open in a terminal" (or whatever it is in english) and then type ./LinAXEpad in the terminal. You should...
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    Nouveau venu, modéliste bteaux

    Bienvenu. Vous le connaissez probablement déja, mais des fois que... Bonnes bidouilles.
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    Smart candle

    Hi, It looks like there's an error in the manual. I tried: readadc C.7,b2 on a 20X2 and it didn't work. readadc 3,b2 works. adcsetup might be worth a look too.
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    adcsetup on 20X2 [Solved]

    You can't win 'em all... Thanks again.
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    adcsetup on 20X2 [Solved]

    OK, thanks, Hippy. Since I'm on a winning streak, I'll put my money on C.6 as being the mysterious ADC0. :)
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    adcsetup on 20X2 [Solved]

    Hi, What should I set adcsetup to in order to use ADC3 (pin C.7) on a 20X2? There's no ADC0 so is it %00001000 (my bet), or %00000100? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 alternative?

    Try using Duck Duck Go ( or a search engine that spies on you if you prefer ) to search for Microsoft Linux. You'll see that Microsoft is silently migrating to Linux. I doubt that Microsoft will give you any warning or choice. Customer satisfaction is not a big consideration in a monopoly...
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    Nouveau venu

    Depuis que le site a changé c'est un peu le bordel. Mes images de la section blog ont disparues. Je l'ai signalé il y a quelques mois. Sans suite.... :(
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    AXE027 drivers

    I was given a low-spec dual core AMD E1-1200 with 4 GB DDR3 RAM (Packard Bell EasyNote LE). I use it every day. Now that Windows has made yours unusable, it might be a good time to upgrade (without quotation marks) to Linux. I very much doubt anyone will live long enough to get any benefits...
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    Axe pad no abre!!

    Hi, Try this: Go to the axepad folder, right click on the axepad icon, then permissions. Make sure the "executable" box is checked. If that doesn't work, right click on a blank space on the axepad folder window and select "Open in a terminal". Try to start axepad from the command line...
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    Image try

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    AXE027 - Bain of my life

    @Steve2381 If you use Pro Minis, you have a USB-serial converter. If you have a couple of transistors or an inverter chip (eg 74HC04) you could make your own cable on a breadboard to make sure the problem isn't with the AXE027 or the socket. I vaguely remember some sockets are not quite the...
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    Oops! We ran into some problems.

    From me: "Pour aller un peu plus loin", "Pour aller beaucoup plus loin", can't remember the other one :( 21831 21702 21788 From Buzby: RC Car blog 20808 20809 From TechElder: 21861 21862 There are too many to try them all.... I can see Buzby's other attachments, as he can.
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    Oops! We ran into some problems.

    The requested page could not be found. In the Blog Archive, "View attachment XXXXX" doesn't work. If I can still post, you must have a problem.
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    /* RASPBERRY PI One-Page LoRa TRANSMITTER * * AI Ra-01_V1.0 Semtech SX1278 * * LoRa Pi * 3.3V 3.3V Red * GND GND Black * SCK SCLK Yellow * MOSI MOSI Green * MISO MISO Orange * NSS CE0 White *...
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    /* ARDUINO One-Page LoRa TRANSMITTER * * AI Ra-01_V1.0 Semtech SX1278 ****** NOT BREADBOARD FRIENDLY !!!! ****** * * Powered from computer usb or phone charger via FTDI module with jumper at 3.3V * * LoRa Arduino * 3.3V VCC THREE POINT THREE VOLTS ...
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    #PICAXE 20X2 'One-Page-LoRa-Receiver.bas #TERMINAL 9600 #no_data #no_table 'AI LoRa module Ra-01_V1.0 Semtech SX1278. NOT BREADBOARD FRIENDLY !!!!! 'Power supply: 3.3V from computer USB via FTDI module ' 'LoRa Colour Picaxe...
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    Reçus la semaine dernière: XL1276-DO1. Compatibles avec les AI Ra-01 ET la planche à pain. L'antenne est minable, si on pète à coté, elle pète aussi. Les pattes ne sont pas fournies...
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    /* RASPBERRY PI LoRa RECEIVER * * Uses a push button to leave the endless listening loop so the program will continue and clean up. * Also uses current-limiting resistors to protect your Pi from you :) * * AI Ra-01_V1.0 Semtech SX1278 NOT BREADBOARD FRIENDLY !!! * * LoRa Pi *...
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    Pour aller (beaucoup) plus loin-T.bas

    BONNE ANNEE! Les modules LoRa Ra01 de AI ne sont pas faits pour être utilisés avec une "planche à pain". L'intrus du post précédent. N'importe quel module à base de SX1278 avec interface SPI fera l'affaire. J'ai pris le moins cher. #PICAXE 20X2 'One-Page-LoRa-Transmit.bas #TERMINAL...